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Pack 43's Blue and Gold Banquet was a (Mad) Scientific Success

posted Apr 10, 2011, 2:44 PM by JJ Barber
So many experiments; so little time!  Yes, the entertainment was fabulous and the events were colorful, but the food was DELICIOUS!  Many guests were overheard saying “Wow, this is the best Blue and Gold event and the best food ever!”  The quality of the menu can be attributed to Sue Saleme.  Thanks Sue.  It was fantastic!


Now Pack 43 knows: Science is cool! Thanks to Rich Barber Mad Scientist Extraordinaire for making this entertaining and educational. (Rich’s daytime job: teaching this stuff at Santa Clara University.) We had many people—mostly adults—wondering "how do they do this?"  So for those who were wondering about what they saw and what they tried, please ask Rich when you see him. 


Our Blue and Gold coordinator, Jennifer Deal, was behind much of the planning and activities, along with an army of volunteers.  Without them the whole thing would not have gone as smoothly as it did.


Next time when you see Sue, Rich, Jennifer, or any of the army of volunteers, shake their hand, give them a scout salute, and THANK THEM!


"We are contemplating the finer points of the differences in a diffractometer image between a Planck's blackbody source versus the plasma based fluorescent tubes"