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Additional Popcorn Prizes from Trails-End and the Santa Clara Council

posted Sep 29, 2010, 10:08 PM by Mike Jen

Trails-End is the company that provides the popcorn and backs-up our sales.  They provide additional prizes that scouts can win beyond what we talked about in the pack meeting.  Information on these additional prizes is below.

$1500 A scout that sells $1500 in popcorn will also receive an additional $50 gift card from Amazon or Walmart.    Jeff will order them at the time the order is placed and they will be delivered after all the sales activities are completed.

$2500 A scout that sells more $2500 in popcorn will receive a percentage back in the form of scholarship money.  For details, go to  HYPERLINK "" and check out the scholarship program.  If your scout is eligible, you must go to the Trails-End web site and complete the forms/programs independently.

The Santa Clara Council also offers additional prizes that scouts can will.

Top Seller.  The top seller in the council will receive an Apple iPod Touch.  The winner for this typically has several thousands of dollars of sales.  If we have a contender for the prize, Jeff will submit them to the council.

$1500.  In addition to the trails-end prize above, all $1500 sellers will be entered into a council wide drawing for additional prizes such as a hand-held GPS, a North Face Pack, or Nintendo Wii.  Jeff will submit any $1500 winners to the council for the drawing.  There is 1 prize for each district.

DSLite Drawing: Every week the council will have a drawing to give away a Nintendo DS Lite.  To be eligible for a drawing, the scout needs to collect 30 unique customer orders on their order form and fax a copy of the form to 408-280-5162.  Drawings are held on Fridays on October 1,8,15, and 22.  You will need to individually fax your qualifying forms to this number before midnight on the Thursday preceding the Friday drawing to be eligible.  If you win, you will be notified by email.