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UPDATE: Creek Clean-Up Postponed to Sunday, Oct 23rd, 2pm.

posted Oct 18, 2016, 6:12 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

UPDATE: Creek Clean-Up Postponed to Sunday, Oct  23rd, 2pm.

Thank you for those that showed up for this event.  However it has been postponed by one week.  We will meet at the same time and place on the 23rd.  Hope to see you all there.

For those who are curious about what happened, although it had been raining all day and the night before, at 11am Sunday, the creek was still dry (no flowing water).  However, when everyone showed up at 2pm, the creek was flowing at a high level.  What must of happened is that the water authority opened a valve on the creek system (Lexington Reservoir) to let some of the water flow out, causing unsafe conditions.  The next day, it was dry again!

So with luck and no further rain forecast, we will meet again on the 23rd at 2pm.  See you there!


Upcoming Events - Creek Cleanup,Next Pack Meeting & Fall Campout

posted Oct 14, 2016, 1:04 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

Annual Creek Clean-Up

Every year, Pack 43 does a great turn for our city, our waterways and our environment.  Join us this Sunday, Oct 16th, at 2pm for an hour or so as we clean-up Saratoga Creek starting at Maywood Park parking lot (3330 Pruneridge Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051) and we will work our way up to the pedestrian bridge or until the water stops us.

This is a great way to get the boys out of the house on the weekend and contributing in a meaningful and fun way directly cleaning the creek and helping the environment.

  • Come rain or shine (a little rain never hurt anyone, right?!!) --  We will not go into the creek bed if the water is flowing a lot and there is danger for the little guys - otherwise its on!
  • Dress for getting wet feet.  There will be standing water.  Wear old shoes / pants.  (dress for rain if raining -  a chance to test your rain gear for the coming winter season!!!)  
  • Bring gardening/work gloves if you have them.  But kids will be cautioned not to touch any glass or metal - parents can get those
  • Everyone is welcome - sisters, friends, cousins, brothers, grandma... :-)
  • Plan on somewhere between 1 and 2 hours, max
  • No need to RSVP, just come if you can - but we will start on time, so don't be late!

Help needed from a couple of families for our October pack meeting --> Diwali Celebration

We are seeking help from a couple of families to help us organize a few fun activities for our "Diwali" themed October pack meeting (Hindu Festival of Lights).  You don't need to be a Diwali expert, but it might help.  :)

We plan on having some ways for all the boys to learn about the significant festival through speech, songs, games, crafts, and sweet treats.  We have some ideas already.

So just need a few families to help brainstorm and organize this for the pack and help at the pack meeting.  I will be aided by the new tiger leader Sanjeev.  So if you can help, please email BOTH MYSELF AND SANJEEV to get started:


Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!  (Bahut Shukriyaa)

Fall Camping Trip - Save the Date!

We have chosen the weekend of November 18/19 for our campout at Mt. Madonna. I will send the sign-up sheet first to the families who signed up for our original trip. The sign-up window for them will remain open for 1 week, after which we will open it up to the whole Pack. 

Keep your eyes open!

Popcorn Update and Deadlines

posted Oct 11, 2016, 11:58 AM by Cub Scout pack 43

Popcorn Update and Deadlines

Hello Pack 43 Families!

    We are coming down the home stretch of our popcorn sale.  My sincere thanks to all who participated in yesterday's sale at Safeway!  We totaled $744 in sales!  We will be selling again next Saturday, so please do take the opportunity to join in.   Click here to signup.

   - This is the last week for Take Orders.  We have extended the deadline.  Take order forms must be returned to me not later than midnight on Thursday, 10/13!  This is a hard deadline!  You may scan your order form and email it to me at or leave it in my mail box.  My home address is 690 Cornell Dr. (right across the street from Sutter).


    -Online sales continue through October 28th!  Scouts can sell online until that date and get credit toward prizes!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or issues.  Thanks, again, for everyone's hard work!

Your Popcorn Kernel, 



Popcorn Online Sales

posted Oct 6, 2016, 10:49 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

Popcorn Online Sales

Hi all, 

    The online system has been updated, so even if your son has sold online in the past, you will need to re-register him.  Instructions as follows:

  •     Go to
  •     Select "Register" in the upper right hand of the screen
  •     Select "Scout/Parent"
  •     Parents need to set up the account for the boy, so select "No" when prompted "Are you under the age of 13"
  •     Enter the Scout's name, an email address, parent's phone number and date of birth and select "Continue"
  •     Create a user name and password and select "Continue"
  •     Enter zip code and unit number (0043) and select "Go"
  •     Select "I can't find my unit".  (There is a bug in the software and our Pack does not appear in this step; you will be able to enter your son's unit information after the account has been created.)
  •     You will receive a confirmation email from Trail's End.  Once you log into your son's account, you can go to "Account Settings" in the upper right hand corner and go to the "Change my Unit" section.  Select "Silicon Valley Monterey" from the "Council" drop-down, "Pioneer" from the "District" drop-down, and "Pack 43" from the "Unit" drop down.  

    If you have any issues with the registration process, please contact John ( for assistance.



Go to

Popcorn Show and Sell This Weekend!!!

posted Oct 6, 2016, 12:09 PM by Cub Scout pack 43   [ updated Oct 6, 2016, 12:12 PM ]

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Popcorn Show and Sell This Weekend!!!

Hello Pack 43!

We have the opportunity to Show and Sell Popcorn at the Safeway Supermarket at 
Homestead & Kiley this Sunday Oct 9th  and next Saturday  Oct 15th.  

We are looking for Scouts and parents to work 1-1/2 hour shifts between 10:00 AM and 4:00 pm.  Ideally, we'd like at least 4 Scouts and 2 parents for each shift.  The Pack will set up the table and bring the popcorn and order forms.  

Safeway store is located at Mariposa Gardens Shopping Center, 2760 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

If you have any questions please contact Purvi Talati & John Donnelly
Signup Now

Please join us for our 1st Pack meeting of the 2016/2017 year - Thursday, Sep 29th, 7pm, Sutter Elementary

posted Sep 27, 2016, 11:53 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

Hello Pack 43 Families,

Please join us for the first pack meeting of the year!  Please be on-time so we can also finish on time. :)   We'll have a registration desk for those that still need to register and we'll have plenty of popcorn for those that want to take some home to sell to friends and neighbors.

Also, well have lots of fun to get to know each other and catch-up on what's going on with the pack including upcoming events and activities.  If you have not signed up for a job (or two) to help the pack run, then you'll have a chance then too.

Just a side note:  between registration, popcorn sign-out, and the actual pack meeting with the boys, it can become a noisy environment.  We need to ask that any conversations be kept to a minimum so that ambient noise remains at an acceptable level and we can hear the various speakers.  Thanks for everyone's cooperation in this regard!!  

Lastly, anyone that can come and help set-up chairs and things about 15 minute earlier would be much appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday!


(Cub Master, Pack 43)

Welcome Back to Cub-Scout Pack 43!!! -- Info about the coming year - Pack Fun night on Sept 15th, and beyond!!

posted Aug 30, 2016, 10:53 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

Hello Pack 43 Families!!!,

First of all, I hope your family had a great summer and your boy is eager to start the new cub-scout year with the Pack and his Den.  Also, welcome to the new families both in the Tiger program, and new older boys that are joining an existing den.

Your Pack 43 committee has already just recently met and we have what we think is a great year planned out.  With the enthusiasm of the boys and the help and effort of ALL the parents (wink, wink), then this should be another great year.

With that all said, let me cut to the chase and outline some of the first things happening so you have an idea of what to expect.  And don’t forget to consult the Pack Calendar on the website to keep up-to-date as time goes on.  (if the calendar is not updated, it will be soon. J

Here we go….!


FIRST DEN MEETING:  You will be getting a den (ie, grade) specific email from your den leader as to when your first den meeting is.  Look for that separately from your den leader.  With two exceptions:

1.       TIGER DEN (1st graders):   First parent meeting will be at Sutter Elementary School Playground on September 8th at 7pm.  The kids can play on the playground while we adults discuss future den leadership (one of you!) and best meeting times and locations.

2.       BEAR DEN (3rd graders):  As you may know, Moshe and his family are moving out of the Bay Area, so we need to choose a new leader.  More info to follow, separately for the Bears families.  Look for that soon.


PACK FUN NIGHT:  September 15th, 7-8PM at Sutter School ground.   We’ll have fun, games, and treats for the boys while new and returning families will be able to register.  Registration remains at $100, and you will get a new book, neckerchief, and patches.  This is also a great opportunity to bring a friend to see if they would like to join too!  We will also have some POPCORN available to sign out and sell for the popcorn drive (our main way of raising money for the pack!)


FIRST PACK MEETING:  September 29th, 7-8PM at Sutter School.  Join us for the first pack meeting.  Fun and games for the boys.  Also, a second chance for parents to sign up for critical jobs to help the pack run smoothly.  There will also be a registration desk for those that could not make the fun-night.


FALL CAMPING EVENT!!:  Sept 30th  thru Aug 2nd  at Mount Madonna Park (near Gilroy).  You will get more information via email on cost and how to sign-up.  For new folks: Pack 43 does two camping events each year.  These are family-style camping, where all you need to bring is a tent and sleeping bags, and the Pack will supply the food, we all do the cooking, and we’ll have fun activities for all.  The camp-fire skits and s’mores are a favorite of the boys.  Camping starts on the Friday night, but you can also come on Saturday morning, or join for just Saturday.  Anyway, look for a sign-up email coming soon.  There will be a mandatory meeting for 1 person from each family on the evening of the 26th.  Camping is also the number-one way all the parents get to know each other much better!


COMING IN OCTOBER:   We have several cool events lined up for October.  Here they are…


9th           8am-5pm,  Orienteering Event at Tilden Regional Park  (look for a sign-up email, coming soon).  This is a cool event run on behalf of pack 43 by Brad Wtmore (our Wolf leader), all about having fun and competing using map and compass.

16th         2pm       Creek Clean Up at Maywood Park  (every year the boys have fun helping our local environment by cleaning the creek starting over at Maywood Park.  Look for an email closer to the event.)

27th         7pm       Pack Meeting  (This will probably be our annual “talent night” where the boys show off their musical, physical, and intellectual skills… plus joke telling abounds.  A sign-up message will be sent a few weeks prior.)


A FINAL NOTE ABOUT (MANDATORY!) VOLUNTEERING:   As most of you are aware, the pack can only run and have all these great activities throughout the year if ALL of you parents help out.  There are plenty of jobs open and each family MUST participate by doing at least one major job (like a den leader, or committee person, such as camping) or a few smaller jobs (like booking events, or helping prepare and run an activity).   These roles (big and small) are CRITICAL to a fun and smoothly running pack that everyone wants to join and can’t wait to be there.   As mentioned, we will have several opportunities for you to sign-up to help (do not reply to this message).  Some of the major openings that we need immediate help with include:

POPCORN HELPERS:  Help needed to book selling locations (eg. In front of SafeWay, etc.) and distributing and coordinating popcorn delivery, etc.

CAMPING:  Help needed in chairing and running the camping events, including booking, coordinating equipment, and making sure all the families do their part.

PINEWOOD DERBY RACES:  We need enthusiastic people that help the pack run the super-fun car races we have.  Are you a good at wood-working?  (To help the boys get a great car ready for the race.)  Are you computer savvy? (To register cars, run the race equipment, and display the results on the big screen…).  Primarily we need a race chair-person to run the show with help from 2-3 others.

VETERENS ACTIVITY PERSON:  We need someone to immediately start coordinating our entry into the annual San Jose Veterans day Parade (and other activities, mostly for next Memorial Day).


Sorry about the long email; this will be the longest of the year, promise.   Check the website < > often for updates.  And look for a den-specific email for when your den will start meeting.  SEE YOU ALL SOON AT THE COMING EVENTS!!!



(Cub Master, Pack 43)


Mobile:  408-931-0642

Pack 43 Orienteering Event Reminder

posted Mar 10, 2016, 9:38 PM by Cub Scout pack 43

Our Pack 43 Orienteering Event is just under two weeks away.

    Never Get Lost Again... with the Bay Area Orienteering Club
    Mills College
    Oakland, CA

    March 20th, 2016

    *Signup by 9am on Monday March 14, 2016*:

I recently discovered that the event organizers at the Bay Area 
Orienteering Club (BAOC) changed the event schedule considerably. 
Instead of being held in the wilderness, the event on Sunday is now 
being held at the Mills College campus in Oakland.  The campus has a mix 
of Spanish-revival architecture combined with contemporary buildings, 
open space, and some forested areas.

So what are we actually doing? The object of Orienteering is to navigate 
to multiple checkpoints successfully, and have the lowest overall 
elapsed time at the Finish line.  All of the event details are available 
at the link above.

Please note that this will *NOT* be the same kind of large group hike 
like we did at Joseph D. Grant in January.  This is a combination of a 
game and a hike, with each "team" being 1-2 scouts and their adult(s). 
I expect about 2.5 km of distance and about 40 m of elevation gain.

Since the event has changed considerably since it was originally 
proposed, I request that everyone please sign up again.  Since we are 
attending an event outside our district, I need to let our Scout 
District Office know how many people are expected to attend.

As the event draws closer, I will be emailing further instructions and 
information to those who have signed up.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Brad Wetmore
Den 1 (Tigers) Co-Leader

Pack 43 Blue and Gold Dinner - Don't Forget to RSVP

posted Feb 10, 2016, 7:27 PM by Cub Scout pack 43   [ updated Feb 10, 2016, 7:39 PM ]

Don't forget to sign up for the Blue & Gold Potluck Dinner. Click here to register

See you soon!

Hiking Signups.

posted Jan 18, 2016, 9:12 AM by Cub Scout pack 43

Hi Scouts/Families/Friends of Pack 43,

Our trip to Lick Observatory and Joseph Grant on SUNDAY January 24th is now just a short week away.  It's not too late to signup: we currently 
have 30 people going, but there's room for more.

I will be sending last minute instructions via email to those who have 
signed up, so if you are planning to go, please do sign up so you won't 
miss anything important.  The original email is below, but here are a 
few additional details:

1.  Will this event be held "Rain Or Shine?"  Yes, Rain or Shine.  The 
Observatory tour is indoors, so weather shouldn't be an issue.  If you 
don't want to get wet/dirty while hiking, please feel free to skip the 
hike after the tour.  Alex and I personally like hiking and being in the 
rain/mud, so bring some ponchos, boots or other foul weather gear and 
join us.  The weather forecast is for clouds on Sunday, with some rain 
the Friday before.

2.  Drivers, if you have a larger vehicle or minivan, please consider 
bringing it so we will have fewer cars at the parking lots.  Bonus 
points if you organize your own carpools from Santa Clara!

3.  The mountain road will take one hour from base to top (in addition 
to the rest of your drive).  Our meeting point at Grant is about 1/2-way 
up.  The road is very sinuous in spots, making some passengers prone to 
motion sickness.  There are a limited number of places to pull over. 
Some people find preemptive relief in an over-the-counter medication 
like Dramamine.  A gallon sized ZipLock bag can be very helpful in 

4.  I believe the Parking Fee at Grant is $6 per car, but there 
shouldn't be any other expenses for this event.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all next Sunday!


P.S.  Here's the original message:

Hello Pack 43!

As I mentioned at our Pack Meeting last Thursday, I have two hiking 
events planned for the New Year, and they are now ready for signups!

Once You've Touched the Stars, It's All Downhill From There
Mount Hamilton (Lick Observatory)/Joseph Grant Hike
East San Jose, CA
January 24th, 2016

Never Get Lost Again... with the Bay Area Orienteering Club
Morgan Territory
Livermore, CA
March 20th, 2016

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and looking forward to fun-filled New Year!


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