2016 Popcorn Program
This program is designed to support the Scouting Program !

Benefits to Your Scout and Family:
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards including from the Pack, Monmouth Council and Trail's End. 
Sales Goals:

  • Our Pack Goal is $11,000 for this Fundraiser. This means a sales goal of $ 306 per Scout including show and Sells 

  • Our 2016 Pack Requirement:  Minimum Sales Requirement for Each Scout 1 hour at a Show and Sell, and sales equivelent to $50.00 

  • Buy out option will be $117.00 (38% of $306)  

Ways to Sell:                                                                                           
Take Orders
  • The Scout uses a Take Order Form.  Take Order Forms will be provided during the Popcorn Kickoff on 9/21 and the Pack Meeting on 9/25.
  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects the money.
  • The Scout processes the order and delivers the Popcorn to the Customer in a few weeks.
Selling at Work
  • Mom and/or Dad take an order form to their work.
  • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form.
  • Mom and/or Dad deliver product. 
  • Maybe the Scout can go to workplace in uniform. 
Selling Online
  • The Scout communicates his Order Key via email, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The Customer can go online and purchase popcorn with a Credit Card  at http://www.trails-end.com/trailsend/scouts/
  • The Product is shipped directly from Trail’s End to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.
Show and Sells
  • Show and Sells make up a big part of our popcorn program. We've obtained permission from local businesses to set up a sales table.  Show and Sells have plenty of products on-hand for people to buy.  Different Scouts work at the table in shifts.  We always need adult supervision.  
  • Check the calendar to the right for show and sell times and sign up sheets.
  • Tips

       Smile! Say Hello, Good Morning / Afternoon first! Make sure you say “Thank you”!

       Spread out so that you and your fellow Scout don’t ask the same person.

       Stand on the side and not in their walkway 

       If they don’t have money on them, ask them if they want to use their credit card and let a parent help them.

* Scouts can also create their own Show and Sell * 

  • By reaching out to local businesses and getting permission to set up a table for sales.  If you do, be sure to let us know.  We're happy to help you help us by coordinating other Scout's participation and providing the popcorn!
Signing up for Show and Sells

  • This year we will be managing our Show and Sell participation using SignUpGenius.  Invitations will be sent out by email in advance of the scheduled Show and Sell plus posted to the right.
  • Scouts should participate in as many Show and Sells as possible  but, at least one hour is required from each Scout.

Prizes and Rewards:
  • Individual & Family Prize Incentives for Pack 35

    ***Only families with 2 or more scouts will be eligible for the family prizes ***

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-3-300px.pngGrand Prize: Nintendo 30 Console

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-300px.png2nd Place Prize: $50 Gift Card

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-2-300px.png3rd Place Prize: $30 Gift Card

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-3-300px.pngFamily 1st Place Prize: $50 Gift Card

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-300px.pngFamily 2nd Place Prize: $30 Gift Card

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-2-300px.pngFamily 3rd Place Prize: $15 Gift Card

    Den Competition

    mystica-LightSaber-Fantasy-3-300px.pngThe Den that sells the most popcorn wins $10 Cub Bucks per Scout

Fundraising Uses:

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our Scouts.  Here is a just a small sampling of the 2015/2016 activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:
  •  Pack Events and Trips like Medieval Times
  •  Pack Picnic
  •  Camping Trips

Parent Action Items

Popcorn Sales Begin

Order Forms/Payment and Prize Choice Due
October 28

Order Pickup
November Den/Pack Mtgs

Show and Sell Dates

Immaculate Conception
Sept 10 - 11
Popcorn and Camp Cards 


October 2
10 am - 12 pm
Rte 18,  Old Bridge


October 2
10 am - 12 pm
Rte 18,  South River


October 16
9 am - 4 pm
Shoprite Spotswood NJ

We can accept Amex, Discover, MC, & Visa with our PayPal Account.
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