Returning Scouts - Pack Dues

There are a few changes to Pack 35 Registration this year.  Beginning this year, we will be implementing pack dues.  Dues for this year are $100.00 these can be paid by Cash/Check or via Credit Card Online (link for credit card payment will be emailed once registration is complete for your convenience, even if paying by Check/Money, just don't follow the link if that is the case) 

Pack dues cover the administrative costs to run the Pack for a program year.  This allows us to use our fundraiser proceeds on activities for the boys. 


BSA Registration

1.      This is the national organization dues.

Boys Life Magazine

1.      Is included with pack Dues. 

Den Dues

1.      Cost of Materials for Den Meetings 

Class “B” T-Shirt

1.      This is our camping T-shirt.  It is less formal than the Scout Uniform and can be worn at less formal functions like sleepovers, campouts, hiking trips, and as announced. 


1.      Rank Neckerchief Provided by Pack 

Scout Handbook

     1.  Pack 35 will provide all handbooks.

Financial Assistance

If you are unable to afford the costs of Scouting you should contact the Committee Chair  and ask for a financial assistance form.  Besides the Pack Treasurer, no one else in the Pack needs to know about your situation and it will be handled in confidence.  Do not let the cost of Scouting deter you from joining Scouts - we can help you afford it if you need the help. 

Pack 35 2016 - 2017 registration