Adding Our Calendar to Yours

OPTION 1 - In Google Calendar:

To add the Pack’s Calendar to your Google Calendar go to and sign in to your Google Account:

You should then be taken to your Google Calendar. Once there, look for the box under Other Calendars. You may have to click on the down arrow to show the box.

OPTION 2 - From the Pack Website:

Sign in to your Google Calendar. Then go to the Pack’s website at From any Pack page with a Calendar, click the Google Calendar icon on the bottom right of the calendars.

If you are signed in to Google Calendar, after clicking the link on the calendar on the website, you will be taken to your calendar and the following pop-up will come up.

Displaying Calendar on Your Android Device:

The way Android displays menus varies from device to device, however, these instructions should provide a good starting point. If you do not see the Pack’s Events on your Phone:

Starting in your Calendar on your Android device,  select menu, then select Calendars.

You should then get a list of all the calendars available on you device, Click Display in the bottom left corner. The next screen will have boxes you can check or uncheck to display the calendars you would like to be displayed. When you are finished selecting the calendars, Click Done.