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Pinewood Derby Practice Tonight and Race Tomorrow

posted Mar 15, 2019, 10:20 AM by Cub Pack 79   [ updated Mar 15, 2019, 10:20 AM ]
Test runs are tonight starting at 6:30pm at the Church if the track is ready.

Where: St. Stephens Episcopal Church

FRIDAY, March 15 from 6:30pm until done - PWD Car Test Runs 

This is a chance for the boys and siblings to check the weight, make modifications and test their cars out on the track before the race on Saturday. Please try to stop by and test out the car because once the cars are checked in Saturday, NO ADJUSTMENTS can be made, only repairs and the repairs can only be made by the Scout themselves!


Car check in begins at 10am and ends at 10:50am. Racing will begin at 11am. Please plan to arrive with enough time to check in your car and make any last minute adjustments. Once the car is checked in and placed on pit row NO MORE ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED!! We will be following the same rules as the Del-Mar-Va council so that when the winners go to District, their car will not be disqualified. I have attached a copy of the District Rules below..

Scouts and Leaders should be in Uniform for the race day. Last year the race went along rather quickly so each Scout will race several times. It will be a good idea to bring something to keep the boys and siblings occupied while they wait their turn to race.

The 10 fastest cars (2 Tigers, 2 Wolf, 2 Bears, 2 Webelos, and 2 AOLAOL), and an alternate from each group in the event one of the top qualifiers can not go to the District Derby, will compete in the Del-Mar-Va District Pinewood Derby on March 30th and the information is below  (If your Scout qualifies and you are not available, please let us know at the end of the race) ALL winning cars WILL BE SEQUESTERED AND HELD BY THE PACK so there is no accidental damage until after the District Race. The cars WILL NOT BE IMMEDIATELY RETURNED TO THE SCOUT AFTER THE RACE.

Two Bays Annual District Pinewood Derby Race

March 30th, 2019- 8AM-2PM

Dover Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


On Saturday, March 30th, the boys and girls of Cub Scout Packs from around the Two Bays District, Del-Mar-Va Council, BSA will be competing in their final race of the Pinewood Derby circuit.  This year’s race will be held at the Dover LDS Church from 9AM to 1PM.  We ask each Pack to send at least one representative with the Pack's cars for a pre-check at 8AM.  As long as cars are dropped off for the pre-check, Scouts may arrive for their particular age group race and don't have to be present for the event prior.  Please ensure you arrive with adequate time to prepare for your particular race.


Each Scout who qualified for this final race earned entry by competing against their fellow Cub Scouts in their home Pack. There are 20 Cub Scout Packs within the Two Bays District, Del-Mar-Va Council, Boy Scouts of America. Water and snacks will be available for purchase.

 ***Pre-Check-in Friday Night and Saturday Morning***

     Friday night, 5:30PM-7:30PM we are asking that all Packs send a representative to the site for a pre-check-in for all their cars.  This will help us identify any issues with our Scouts' cars before arrival on derby day so that they can come prepared with ideas of how to correct any issues.  We will then place all of your cars in the Pit so they are ready to race the next day!  We understand that geography and other considerations might prohibit some Packs from being able to drop off their cars on Friday night.  If you can't make it Friday night, please be present at 8AM on Saturday so there is ample time to check in your cars.


***Staggered Starts***

     Lions and Tigers Weigh-in 9:00-9:30 AM

     Lions Races start at 9:45AM with Tigers to follow

     Awards will be distributed to Lions & Tigers at the conclusion of their competitions.


     Wolves and Bears Weigh-in 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

     Wolves races will start at 11:15 AM with Bears to follow

     Awards will be distributed to Wolves & Bears at the conclusion of their competitions.


     Webelos and AOL Weigh-in 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM

     Webelos races will start at 12:45 PM with AOL to follow

     Awards will be distributed to Webelos & AOL at the conclusion of their competitions.


***Grand Champion Race***

     We ask that the Top Racer from each Den Group stay for a Grand Champions Race at the Conclusion of the AOL Award Presentation.  The victor will take back the Grand Champion Trophy to their pack as an award. 


A. Eligibility

1. All registered Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light are eligible to compete in the District Pinewood Derby.

2. 10 cars (2 Tigers, 2 Wolves, 2 Bears, 2 Webelos, 2 Arrow of Light) from each Pack will be allowed to compete at the District level.

3. Each Pack may specify an alternate (one from each division) in the event one of the top two racers from their Pack cannot compete at Districts. The alternate may race at the district race only to replace a racer from his Pack. In no event will a Pack have more than ten cars competing at the District race.

4. Scouts who race within their packs as Arrow of Light, but cross over to Boy Scouts prior to the District event may still compete at the District Race. These scouts should be instructed not to wear their Boy Scout Uniforms to the race. All participants must wear the Cub Scout uniform.

5. It is the Cub Master’s responsibility to verify eligibility.

6. All cars must have been created for the 2017 Pinewood Derby. Past cars are not eligible.

7. All racers and parent/guardians are required to sign the accompanying “Sportsmanship’s Pledge”. No racer will be allowed to race if this letter is not on file with the race committee prior to the District Pinewood Derby.

B. Registration

1. Each Pack must provide the District with the names of the top two racers for Tigers, Wolves, Bears, Webelos and Arrow of Light from their Pack, as well as the order of finish. The pack should also supply the name of the alternate car owner. These names should be reported prior to or by the March 17, 2017 deadline. YOU MAY CHOOSE 1 (ONE) ALTERNATE PER DIVISION.

2. The registration fee for the 2017 race will be $8.00 .

3. Registration & inspection begins on 3/25/2017 at 10 am.

4. It is the Cub masters responsibility to inform the owner of the alternate car whether he needs to come to the District race.

5. The alternate car doesn’t pay the registration fees unless it is going to race.

6. Only one adult may accompany the pack racers at the registration desk. This can be the Cub Master

or another designated adult.

C. Car Specifications

All cars must pass the following inspection to qualify for the race:

1. Cars must be contracted from official BSA Pinecar kits (BSA item #Q17006). Under no

circumstances will substitutes be allowed. The rules that are supplied with the kits must be

followed. 2. Wheels and axles must be from the official BSA Pinecar kits. The only exception will

be wheels and axles from official BSA replacement parts kits (BSA item Q17007).

2. Width shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.

3. Length shall not exceed 7 inches.

4. Weight shall not exceed 5 ounces.

5. Axles, wheels, and body shall be from the materials provided in the kit. Additional BSA

wheels can be purchased separately.

6. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

7. No lubricating oil may be used. Axles may be lubricated with powdered graphite

8. The car shall not ride on any kind of spring.

9. The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.

10. No loose materials of any kind are allowed in the car.

11. The only lubricant allowed is gray graphite.

12. . The wheelbase of the car must not be altered in any manner. Axles must be placed in the precut

slots provided on the cars

13. Weights may be added to the top of the car or counter sunk on the bottom. No weights can

protrude from the bottom of the car.

D. Race Procedures

1. All cars will be raced and placed by an electronic scoring system.

2. Cars will be seeded at registration according to a random placement.

3. Each car will race on 3 lanes of the track it is competing on.

4. No car will receive a “bye”.

5. If a car leaves the track during a race, or interferes with the opposing car in any manner, the race will

be re-run. A second, consecutive occurrence will result in a loss for that heat, but not disqualification

from the race.

6. Unsportsmanlike conduct (adult or child) will result in immediate disqualification.

7. The results, as called by the judges, are final. Races will not be rerun due to parental interference.

8. Only the racer will be allowed to move his car. It is his responsibility to place the car on the pit table,

move it to the track, retrieves it from the finish line, and returns it to the pit table. Handling someone

else’s car will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and will result in disqualification.

9. Only racers will be allowed in the pit area.

10. Parents are reminded that this is a Scouting environment and adults are asked to refrain from using profanity. This could result in being asked to leave the premises.

11. There is no smoking permitted at any Boy Scout of America function.

12. The top two racers in each den will be recognized as well as one Grand Champion.

Each Pack is free to set rules for their individual races. However, compliance with District rules will insure that Pack Champions will be qualified to race at the District event. The District strongly recommends that Packs follow District rules with regard to eligibility, use of official kits, and replacement parts, weight restrictions, etc. It is important to remember that each car will be inspected prior to the District race and, if found to be in violation of District rules, will not be allowed to compete.

Furthermore, the District requires that each Pack impound the top 10 cars from their race, plus one alternate. The Cub master should keep the cars in a safe place until the day of the race. This will help unsure the cars are not damaged or modified prior to the District race. The cars should be returned to the racers in the staging area on race day where they will be allowed to apply lubricant, inspect the car, etc, prior to check-in. No modifications or further lubrication will be allowed after the car has been checked in.

District Leave No Trace Policy All packs are asked to clean up and police the area that has been occupied during the race proceedings. Packs will not be cleared to leave for the day until the area is approved by the District Committee.