Upcoming Summer Events:

July 25th - Bounce House/Waterslide Potluck BBQ -St. John's 3PM 

August 8th - Desoto National Monument Park - Day Trip

If you have a friend that wants to try scouting have them contact Mike Crea to join us on a summer event.
Invite a friend to a den meeting..boys can still join the Pack.

We meet every Tuesday evening from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM through the school year. During the summer we continue having outings and events but discontinue Den and Pack meetings. Please contact the Pack Cubmaster Mike Crea for more information at 917-378-0914 or surviveanything@ymail.com

St. John's United Methodist Church
6611 Proctor Rd
Sarasota, FL 34241


Because we believe Cub Scouting offers boys a fun and exciting environment in which to learn and grow. Cub Scouting is the beginning of a trail that leads to a 'physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight' young man. Scouting is much more than just a wholesome and enjoyable activity. Active Scouts develop initiative, leadership, self-reliance, and self-confidence. Scouting helps boys become good citizens of strong character, who will be leaders and achievers in the adult world.

Boys are assigned by age to a Den within the Pack. Each Den, run by parents who have volunteered to become leaders, has its own activities designed to entertain and teach the Cubs. Many activities are directly from the handbook each Cub uses while others are crafts, sports, or field trips. The goal is that by the end of each year the Cub will have completed the requirements to advance in rank. Family involvement in the Cub’s progress is critical. Cubs will have to complete some of the requirements at home. There is simply more to do and learn than will fit in one hour per week.

Den Breakdown:
Tiger              1st Grade
Wolf               2nd Grade
Bear               3rd Grade
Webelos 1      4th Grade
Webelos 2      5th Grade

Experience has shown that Active Parents have Active Cubs. Our Pack is run by parents. We need all the leaders we can get. If you don’t have the time to take on an official role in the Pack then please consider attending the Den Meetings with your son. Chip in where you can. Any and all help is welcome!
2015 Summer Schedule
June 6th - Rain Gutter Regatta - Location TBD
June 20th - Snead Island - Day Trip. Fishing, Biking, Nature and Culture Walk

July 11th - Sun Splash Water Park - Pack end of the year trip
July 25th - Bounce House/Waterslide Potluck BBQ -St. John's 3PM

August 8th - Desoto National Monument Park - Day Trip
August 22nd - Beach Party! - Nokomis Beach - Day Trip
August 25th - First Meeting for the new Scouting Year!!!

2015 - 2016 Calendar Coming Soon!