BALOO Training

 Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)
The BALOO Training will give Cub Scout Leaders the tools they will need to successfully lead a pack camping program in their units. BALOO training will provide a new leader with minimal camping experience the basic skills needed for great pack camping outings. 
Who should attend? 
All leaders eager to have a great pack outdoors program. But, at least one leader in each pack should have BALOO training 
BALOO is specifically designed for a Cub Scout leader who has minimal camping experience but wants to plan and carry out an entry-level outdoor experience for the pack. The goal of this pack outdoor experience is to provide a successful outing that is fun while being based on the principles of Cub Scouting. 
At BALOO you will learn about:
  • The aims and purposes of the BSA progressive camping program
  • How to plan a pack outdoor experience
  • The Cub Scout Outdoor Essentials list of equipment 
  • Different kinds of sleeping bags 
  • The best types of tents for Cub Scout camping 
  • Planning successful and fun campfire programs 
  • Building safe campfires 
  • The CAMPING safety program 
  • Age appropriate and non-denominational worship services 
  • Cooking in the outdoors 
  • Stoves and Lanterns 
  • First aid 
  • Sanitation in camp 
  • Nature hikes 
  • Outdoor games

Who’s Invited:  Any Adult in your Pack that likes kids and camping. 
Why:   Packs can only go Pack Camping if a trained Adult in BALOO goes along.  There is more to camping with Cubs than putting up a tent these days.  Learn how to organize and keep the boys active and happy.
How Much:    
(Covers all materials for the full day training and lunch. Pre Registration is required so we will have enough information packets and food for lunch !!!!!)
What to Bring:      Raingear, mess kit, water bottle, notebook, Scout Uniform