• How much does it cost to join?
-Registration $26/year (the pack renews registration in December, so we collect $3/month for every month prior to December)
-Boy’s Life Monthly Magazine Subscription $12/year
-Pack Dues $80 (collected in two $40 installments)
-Uniforms & Handbook cost varies
  • How are dues and fundraising monies spent?
–Each den leader is budgeted some money to buy supplies for their weekly meetings.  Scouts will be able to reserve their fundraising dollars in a personal scouting account.  They can use these funds to subsidize the cost of scouting events such as overnight camping trips or council wide events.

  • What is the difference between a den, a pack, a district, and a council?
–Each den is a group of same-aged boys.  All of the dens are collectively referred to as a pack.  Many different packs from the same local area belong to a district.  Pack 187 belongs to the Benjamin Tallmadge District. There are four districts that belong in the Suffolk County Council.

  • What is the difference between a ‘Class A’ and ‘Class B’ uniform?
Class A uniforms are full dress official uniforms which may be purchased at the scout store located at 7 Scouting Blvd, Medford, NY 11763.  .  Scouts will wear this uniform to all scout events unless specifically told otherwise.  There is a link on the homepage with information about the full dress uniform.  Class B uniforms are pack T-shirts that scouts may wear if an activity is anticipated to be messy.  Every year scout families are given an opportunity to order pack T-shirts.
  • What do I do with all of the patches that are awarded for participating in special events?
–Each scout will be given a red, felt vest that is called a 'brag vest'.  This is a perfect way to display each of the patches that a scout is awarded for participation in pack and council events.