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Boulder SWE Active Member Requirements (BOLD Scholarship Requirements)

    In order to be considered an active member for our chapter you must fulfill the requirements listed below each SEMESTER! If you have any questions about what an event is considered please email the events coordinator. You do not have to be a National Member to be an Active Member. 
  • 2 Totally Tuesday Meetings 
  • 1 Outreach/Fundraising Event 
  • 1 Industry Event
If you are unable to attend Totally Tuesdays because of a schedule conflict (class, practice, work, etc.) you may do TWO outreach/fundraising events in a semester instead of one to fulfill the requirement. Any questions about membership requirements can be directed to Kelsey Bennett at cusweinvolvement@gmail.com.

Active members can view their completed requirements here: Completed Requirements

National Membership

CU SWE encourages its members join the SWE at the National Level. Being a National member provides students with opportunities such as: the national resume database, SWE Magazine, involvement with regional and national conferences, scholarship opportunities, industry contacts, and student support.
Membership to SWE for collegiate members costs $20 annually, or $50 for your whole college career (the C2C option). Instructions to join are below.

2. Under the membership tab, select 'join'
3. On the page you are directed to, select 'Become a member (non-member)'
4. Enter your name and email, and click continue 
5. Fill out all your profile information, and click 'save profile'
6. Then, select a membership product: Choose from NEW Collegiate to Career Member (membership from College through 1st year Professional), NEW Collegiate Member or RENEW Collegiate Member
7. Click continue, and continue through the payment prompts 
8. YAY you're a SWE member!!!!

If you have any questions about joining SWE, please contact our director of involvement Kelsey Bennett at cusweinvolvement@gmail.com