CU SWE Events

Cool Girls Science Club Days

SWE works with an after-school club of girls to learn about how fun and diverse engineering is! (Tuesdays are grades 1-3 Thursdays are grades 4-6)

Talk to Lisa Hobbs at for more information on how to get involved!

Some possible activities include:

    - solar cars

    - circuits with breadboards

    - environmental activities

    - explosions

    - focus on helping others

    - coding

Weekly Meetings: Totally Tuesdays

Our section meets weekly at 5 pm, normally at the BOLD Center in the Engineering Center. Each week is a different activity/event to give SWE members a chance to hangout, do crafts, and attend various guest lectures. Weekly activity locations and details may be found on the Totally Tuesdays page. Suggestions and questions regarding Totally Tuesdays may be directed to Sara Trout or Angela Kwak.