Welcome to CubicleNate's Techpad of likely less than useful information to most people... unless you like things Linux, vintage computing or the obscure. 

My primary focus will be on Linux, or specifically openSUSE Linux and getting work or fun done with it. I enjoy re-purposing yesterdays "modern" hardware and make it relevant once again. Linux extends the service life of a lot of the hardware that is so often discarded before its time.

I am currently running openSUSE Leap 42.2 on my primary machine. It is amazingly rock solid. This is a testament to the great job of the openSUSE community of developers. It not only 17% more available packages but also lower memory usage and a lighter weight feel on KDE.

I recommend a Base Application Set for all openSUSE Linux installations. These are bits of software that openSUSE will not include automatically for some silly legal reasons.

Comments, constructive or not, are welcome. I do try other distributions from time to time but I have no intention on switching to anything else.

For now, I am still building content into this site so most things are in a draft state. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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  • Gateway NE56R41u openSUSE Install My efforts to spread the good news of Linux continues with this somewhat basic but capable Gateway laptop. The name is a little odd and not very memorable: This is the NE56R41u… sounds awesome… It seems that not everyone can have naming creativity.Admittedly, in my hasty search on the web for other individual Linux install experiences, I didn’t see much positive. I expected there to be some fiddling around with the machine in order to install openSUSE Linux on the Gateway computer.This is the second laptop I have converted for this particular family. The first one went so well for them, they asked if I could fix up their other broken PC. It is rather encouraging to ...
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  • openSUSE Leap 42.2 installation on HP Stream 11 In my efforts to spread the good news of Linux, I have been installing openSUSE Leap for anyone that says, "hey, can you fix my computer?" I tell them, sure, but I only do Linux and generally, that works out just fine for most users. Thanks (or not) to Chrome and web applications the need for Windows has decreased substantially. Web applications are more common which reduces the need for a specific underlying operating system.One particular Laptop with which I helped a friend out was particularly interesting to me. This HP Stream 11 is nothing remarkable in respect to the hardware. It is a very basic, inexpensive computer that doesn't have great specs but the build quality ...
    Posted Jan 24, 2017, 6:05 AM by Nathan Wolf
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