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Archery 10 x rank Ranged weapons, such as crossbows and longbows fall under the scope of this skill. They require various kinds of ammunition to fire, such as arrows or bolts, and each attack consumes at least one. The difficulty is set at 1 per 2 squares and an attack takes 1 point of stamina, but they may not fire at point blank range. 
Athletics 5 x rank Physical feats such as sprinting or making long leaps. The stamina cost is equivalent to the difficulty involved. 
Bladed Weapons 5 x rank Allows for the usage of various bladed weapons, from different kinds of swords to assorted daggers. A simple attack will take 3 difficulty and 1 point of stamina. 
Blunt Weapons 5 x rank The usage of various bashing weapons, including clubs, maces, and flails. The basic attack with these weapons will take 3 difficulty and 1 point of stamina. 
Brewing 10 x rank Permits the creation of potions from various kinds of herbs. The costs for making a potion are given in its description. 
Crafting 5 x rank Allows for items to be made with a particular material. The skill may be taken multiple times, counting separately for each of the following: metal, wood, stone and hide. The creation costs are given in an item's description. 
Dispelling 10 x rank Allows for the destruction of magical effects and summoned creatures. The difficulty and energy used to dispel are equivalent to the energy involved in the magical effect, along with an additional +2 energy used up in dispelling. 
Dual-wielding 10 x rank A second attack may be performed with another weapon wielded in the off-hand for 6 difficulty. If the roll succeeds, an attack may be made as normal, using the weapon's skill. 
Elemental Magic 10 x rank Permits the usage of one of the elemental spell bases, listed in the magic section. They may be used with any of the spell modifications. Each base takes a different skill slot, thus, to use fire magic and wind magic one must train them separately. Possible choices are fire, ice, earth, lightning, air, metal, venom and water. 
Illusions 10 x rank Creates a convincing visual illusion, up to one cube in size, for 2 difficulty and 1 point of energy. For each increase in size, one more point of energy is consumed. An auditory component may be added for +1 difficulty, and a tactile one for +2. An illusion can never directly damage someone. 
Lore 5 x rank An in-depth knowledge of a particular subject. Each time a new subject is taken, it is represented as a new skill. More obscure uses of lore take higher difficulty checks. Choices include history, dungeon, item, magic, planar, and divine, but are not limited to them. 
Necromancy 15 x rank The raising of the dead, bound to the control of the user. For the permanent sacrifice of a point of health, a corpse can be raised permanently, with a difficulty and energy cost double the creature's rating. 
Planar Magic 15 x rank Uses of magic to deal with the planes, such as creating stable gates to them, banishing creatures from other planes, and binding planar natives to one's own control. Energy is used up equivalent to the difficulty involved. 
Pole Weapons 5 x rank A wide assortment of two-handed weapons, from simple spears to pikes and halberds. All pole weapons work up to two squares away. Typical attacks will take 3 difficulty and 1 point of stamina. 
Rage 10 x rank A dangerous fighting style involving berserk rage. The rage will last for one round per rank in the skill. While raging, a character must attack the nearest enemy, and can only perform attacks. Up to two extra attacks may be performed for 4 and 8 difficulty. After raging, the character collapses for the number of rounds spent raging. 
Shields 5 x rank Shields are used to deflect incoming attacks. One attack per round can be deflected per rank in the skill. The difficulty to deflect is the damage dealt, with a bonus to the roll granted by the shield being used. 
Summoning 10 x rank The summoning of creatures to aid the caster. A summon will last for one hour per rank in the skill. The difficulty is twice the creature's rating, and the energy cost is triple. 
Survival  5 x rank General survival skills, such as foraging for food and tracking movement. Those with a higher survival skill are less likely to fall prey to the forces of nature. Uses of the skill in more hostile environments take higher difficulty checks. 
Throwing 5 x rank Weapons that are thrown, such as chakrams or specialized knives. The difficulty is equivalent to the amount of squares the object is thrown, and one point of stamina is consumed. Throwing weapons cannot be thrown at others directly adjacent to the user. 
Showing 19 items