The main setting of the Cube: The Descent, Cube is set on a gigantic cube known as the cosmic cube. The top side is the material plane, where most of the action takes place. Other sides of the cube are completely different planes of reality, and there are still other planes beyond the cube itself, allowing for a wide range of adventures in exotic lands. Few have descended into the depths of the cube itself, and of those that have, none returned.

The setting features:
  • Twelve races, from the nomadic cloud-riders to the insectoid tlek.
  • Ten deities for players to worship and gain immense strength from, at a price.
  • Many items and accessories of interest, from powerful amulets to a wide selection of potions.
  • A variety of skills to fulfill many character archetypes.
  • An assortment of planes to extend adventures into entirely different realms of reality!