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Year end note 2010-2011

It has been a very productive year at Cub Creek. We have, with the help of many of you and a modest grant, 

rebuilt our gas kiln, conducted a workshop during which we built a new 80 cu. ft. wood kiln and currently are 

building a new wood burning soda kiln. We certainly could not have done this without your help. Also during the 

workshop John explained each aspect of the construction and Sam Torres created a video documentary that is 

currently being edited. There were twelve participants from NY., CT., IN., VA. and FL. and each went away 

with an experience that is sadly missing in many University settings.

To ensure the continued success of our program and to allow us to keep our resident fees affordable to emerging 

young artists we are launching our 2011 fund drive. In our first fund drive in 2003, I assured all of you that we 

would be judicious in the use of our raised monies. I, and all of the members of our board of directors, work 

without salaries so that all of the collected funds go directly to sustaining our programs and improving our 


There are several projects that are still in need of funding. Our 12 year old electric kiln needs replacing, grading 

and gravel is needed for the drive way to the resident housing, all buildings need to be re painted in the spring 

and there is need for new kiln shelves for our soda kiln, wood kiln and gas kiln.

We are committed to the mission of creating a professional environment for emerging artists, bringing 

internationally known artists for workshops, conducting outreach programs for regional schools and creating a Mid 

Atlantic creative ceramic center for the entire region. Your gift will help us sustain our growth, residency 

program, educational outreach and facilities. Your gift sent with this fall fund drive will help achieve our modest 

goal of $30,000.

Please help sustain Cub Creek by sending your gift today. Thank you again for your continued support.