Resident Studios:

Cub Creek provides an excellent studio environment for motivated artists. The Main studio facility is roughly 2500sq. ft. Each resident is allotted approximately 400sq. ft. located within this open plan facility. The remaining area is used for communal activities, workshops and overflow space for large-scale projects. The studio facility also houses a small kitchenette for preparing light meals as well as a full bathroom and shower.

Kiln Shed:

Located behind the Resident Studio, the kiln shed provides roughly 800 sq. ft. and houses two skutt electric kilns, and two Bailey gas kilns.  This facility doubles as a woodshop and fabrication space for other various resident and studio needs.

Outside the Studio:

The Cub Creek facilities are surrounded by 113 acres of open space and patchwork forests. This provides an opportunity for artists to work in a natural setting. Many of our residents have taken this opportunity to experiment, working on large and small-scale projects in the open environment.