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Native Clays

    Like much of central Virginia, Cub Creek's property sits on several local clay deposits. While many local gardeners declare it to be nothing but a nuisance, the accessibility ov indigenous clay sources makes our program entirely unique. Locating, processing, and working with local materials encourages artists to develop a greater understanding of the technical, philosophical and aesthetic components of our field. Many residents take the time to experiment with clays dug on site - blending them with a variety of commercial materials and exploring their qualities through various firing methods. 

High Iron Clay

 Digging just beneath the topsoil layer behind the resident studio reveals a deposit of high iron clay. As it contains a high percentage of kyanite, this clay highly refractory and suitable for high temperature wood firing to 2300 degrees f. 

White Clay

White Clay 

Located several minutes away from the studio is a 'white' clay deposit found along a dried river bank. Much like the red clay, this source is suitable for high temperature firings due to its unique composition and character.