*view from front door*
Resident Housing:

The resident house provides a spacious setting for residents to return after long days at the studio. Located just a five minute walk from the kiln yard and studios, this facility exists as two mirrored designs united by a common utility space that includes the laundry units. Each side has a large dining and kitchen space on the lower floor, as well as a shared living space and an area set up for taking images of work. Upstairs, each space has three bedrooms with a common office space and a shared bathroom. The kitchens are equipped with major appliances and other necessary implements. The house is surrounded by wooded areas, and hay fields with a fire pit out back.


Residents typically enjoy several above ground planting areas used for growing vegetables and herbs. During the winter months, these less active spaces are tended to for the coming season. Also, the kitchens at the resident house are always home to herbs year round.


We have recently begun a composting pile at the resident house.  This compost will then be used as valuable soil for the developing gardens.