Jessica Kanaley:
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I focus on thrown pots, celebrating timeless forms that are the blank canvases for ornate decoration.  Taking an interdisciplinary approach I enjoy combining media.  Recently I have experimented with fibers, two dimensional design, and computer graphics.  Most commonly I incorporate printmaking techniques, by carving my own rubber stamps.  They are flexible enough to allow me to wrap them around a pot, as a continual design or overlapping patterns.  My aim is to create inviting surfaces, beautiful from afar and intricate at closer inspection.

Many of my stamps are inspired by textile designs.  I try to take a modern approach on traditional folk patterns.  The placement of design becomes intuitive, corresponding with the curves and walls of a vessel.  I am constantly telling myself to simplify, and over time it comes naturally.  Sometimes my experiences and drawings help me to document and brainstorm new directions.  I often act out sketches, from my records, in clay.  My practice helps lead me, and the viewer, to a better understanding and open interpretation of events.

I take after the Craftsman era mentality of creating elaborate work, so intricate and detailed, it could never be reproduced by machine.  Subtle nuances of the hand remain evident on the surfaces.  Each pull and mark is a testament of love and fulfillment.  My goal is to make these objects successful as works of art, but also to be enjoyed and used.  Whether  it's for coffee in the morning or tea at night the ritual of enjoying your favorite mug is an activity to be cherished.  In short, I want my work to express beauty and exude happiness in the same way I want my life to be, a celebration.