Abby Reczek:
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Artist Statement:

As I approach ceramics, I feel a connection and understanding to an ancient process. It is a bond with the earth in its purest form.  I like to think of my pottery as something that continues to mimic the earth, even after the clay has been extracted and manipulated. Whether it reflects the smooth ripples of water or the slope of a riverbank, my aim is to embody the elements of my natural surroundings while forming them to my own modern aesthetic. 

I often find inspiration in Native American pottery. Its earthen color palette and flowing forms suggest the movement of the earth and allude to the spiritual beings within it. Just like the Native Americans, I believe it is very important to have an appreciation for the earth throughout the entire process of making pots. The connection to the material as well as the connection to the purpose of the material are equally important. The use of hand made pots should be respected and ritualized with each meal served to a family in a large serving bowl and each cup of coffee early in the morning. I like to know my pots are being used frequently and that the user has an understanding of my intentions.

During my time at Cub Creek I will be partaking in many wood firings. Wood firing works well with my artistic intention because it reveals the possibilities of nature. I enjoy the pooling of wood ash and the reaction of the clay and glazes with the environment I fire them in. There is a great deal of excitement in the process of firing; continually feeding the flames to make the fire hotter and hotter and in the end revealing something unknown and unpredictable. It is this feeling that I wish to pass on in the use of my pots.