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Artist in Residence Program:

The residency program of Cub Creek attracts national and international artists working in both functional and sculptural traditions. Our residents have 24 hour access to all facilities where experimentation within their field is encouraged.

Many of our residents are recent graduates from leading universities. The artists here use opportunities provided by Cub Creek to develop their individual expression while exploring new techniques and processes. Residents work together and with John to create the experience they want to have during their time here.


Currently, we offer two programs. Our 9 month residency runs from the months of September - May and gives residents the opportunity to develop over an extended period of time in Cub Creek's setting. A BFA or equivalent experience is required.

Our 3 month residency runs during the summer months of June - July, and offers a period of intensive study for both individuals pursuing undergraduate degrees and those with more experience. The program will start with the first two months of studio work and culminate with a wood firing and a wood / salt firing starting in the second week of August. Each week we will meet for discussions, technical advise and at the conclusion we will have a review with the CCF staff and an invited artist. A commitment to work in clay and the maturity to be self- directed is required.


Both residencies require a $475 monthly fee which includes housing, utilities, and use of the studio and all equipment.  Residents are also expected to spend time each week working on the facilities. This includes building and improving kilns, yard work, maintenance and other tasks.

     Many residents support themselves with sales of work or part time jobs in the community. We also encourage residents to seek out and apply for available grant moneys to pay for their time here.

Whether resuming studies as graduate students, starting new residencies, or moving directly into professional practice, our residents continue in their field having gained valuable experience from their time at Cub Creek.

If you are interested in becoming a Cub Creek resident, you are encouraged to contact our Director, John Jessiman to discuss any detailed questions you may have.

View the application requirements here.