Artist in Residence Program:

Cub Creek Studios are located on a 100-acre Virginia plantation with rolling meadows and 50 acres of forest. The original house was built in 1833 but was totally burned in 2006. The new directors house was re built in 2007 and is 4,000 sq ft with 2 guest rooms. Also built in 2007 were the two resident houses providing a furnished private bedroom for each resident.

 The resident studio is 70 ft x 40 ft providing each of our 6 residents a very large private studio space with ample additional space for general work.

Cub Creek has a 100 cu. ft. Anagama, a 500 cu. ft. Noborigama with three chambers (one for salt), a 50 cu. ft. Bailey gas kiln, a 30 cu. ft. Bailey gas kiln, a 100 cu. ft. gas kiln and 2 electric kilns. There are two Soldner clay mixers and 7 electric wheels (4 Shimpo Whispers and 3 Brent).

Each year Cub Creek has two workshops. In past years we have had Val Cushing, Chris Gustin, Dan Murphy, Bede Clark, among other nationally recognized artists.

Residents meet at the director’s house over dinner once a week (whenever possible) to discuss technical issues, review and schedule firings and create a supportive environment.

The monthly fee is $475 and includes housing, studio space and all utilities. Electric and gas firing is billed at our cost and wood firing is without charge provided one participates in the preparation. Materials are billed at our cost. Cub Creek does not make any profit from our residents. There are part time jobs in our community and Cub Creek often has work we pay for.

If you are interested in becoming a Cub Creek resident, you are encouraged to contact our Director, John Jessiman to discuss any detailed questions you may have.

View the application requirements here.