Mission & Vision

About Our Center

Our Philosophy . . .

          Enriching young minds through stimulating learning experiences

          which will:

                    m give children opportunities to explore their world

                    m help children learn to make healthy choices, and

                    m grow lasting friendships


Our Passion . . .

          Creating that special place where children experience safe and

          welcoming programs that will:

                    m engage their natural interest in learning

                    m help develop social competence

                    m foster a positive self-image


Our Commitment . . .

          The Board of Directors and staff will operate our programs with:

m creativity, compassion and integrity

m a focus on providing flexible and affordable child care

     and early childhood education options for children 2-12


Our Mission . . .

        To meet our communities needs by:

                    m the establishment of one or more child care programs

                    m to operate those programs in accordance with part 414

                       child care regulations as promulgated by the Office of

                       Children and Family Services.


Program Goals

  • To encourage confidence, self-discipline and self worth, which will assist in the development of the child's social and emotional health. 
  • To enhance the child's mental processes and skills with particular attention to conceptual and communications skills. 
  • To establish patterns and expectations of success for the child which will create confidence for present and future development.
  • To allow parents a greater flexibility in seeking employment, educational opportunities and/or job training with less worry as to the safety and well being of their children.