Subsystems Design for the Hovercraft 

We are designing a hovercraft made up of a number of subsystems and components. For our purposes in the document, subsystems are essential parts of the craft that we will design and construct and components are items that we will purchase. With this page, we intended to describe in detail the design decisions and thought processes that we use to design subsystems and select components we purchase.

Hovercraft Skirt Design and Construction Tasks - includes the hovercraft skirt design process and fabrication

Motor Mount Design and Construction - Includes information related to the motor mount design and construction

Ancillary Components - Includes engine components from the fall and spring semesters

Thrust Design - includes everything related to the trust system

Power System- covers the power system for the hovercraft

Lift Test- goes over the process of testing the lift system for the hovercraft

Hovercraft Layout - This section illustrates the layout for the components and subsystems of the hovercraft