CUA Class of 2008

Senior Design Project  

Building a Hovercraft for Landmine Detection & Removal 

Links to Details of the Hovercraft

Project Information - An explanation of the problem at hand, our semesters accomplishments, and lessons learned throughout the fall semester.

Landmine History - A brief historical perspective on landmines, and links to further information on landmines.

Subsystems Designs for the Hovercraft -  This section describes the engineering design and decision making process of what went into each of the components of the hovercraft. This section also covers most of the design and analysis topics made throughout the 2007-2008 school year in creating the hovercraft.

Engine Details - Information on the Briggs and Stratton engine

Other information about the Hovercraft- A section that contains secondary information for the hovercraft (such as purchases and total weight of craft) 

A First Semester Test of the Hovercraft- A compilation of pictures and a data chart from our test of our work of a test flight of the hover craft on December 4th, 2007

Other Activities in ME 441-442 

Newspaper Bridge - A Experiment done to start the year off

Photos From our Field Trip - Pictures from the trip to a Navy base and an Army transportation Museum

Dr. Vignola's Website- A link to Dr. Vignola's web page including assignments for the hovercraft and contact information

Original Senior Design Web page- A link to the older version of this website.