Graduation is just over the horizon for the class of 2014. With that will come the commissioning to 2nd Lieutenant for a select group of young leaders.  Many families will want to celebrate the graduation of their students and the remarkable achievements of their newest Air Force officers.

This purpose of this website is to provide friends, family (namely parents) of graduating Air Force ROTC - Detachment 105 a reliable information source of information regarding events and ceremonies related to the 2014 Spring officer commissioning.  Specific university commencement details can be found on their sites.  See university links at left.  

Information on this site is provided by the Detachment offices at CU-Boulder. Additionally, there will be links to other informational resources.  This site is not intended to circumvent or replace any Detachment, Department or University website.

Disclaimer:  Always verify the information you find on this site at its source.  While it is the intention of the webmaster to keep the site updated with the most current information, he can not be responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information provided by his sources.  In the days leading up to graduation, it may not be possible to reflect any last minute changes. Always verify dates, locations, etc. with your cadet.