Basic Information

  • When: Fridays from 16:30-18:30, unless noticed otherwise.
  • Where: Room 3403 (GSCM Conference Room) on the 4th floor of Mercury Tower (building 39 in campus map) located in East Campus of Hitot subashi University. Please note that the access to the room is restricted after 17:00.
  • Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in contributing to the workshop by presenting your work or participating actively in discussion. Presentation may be in English contingent on the audience.

2014 Workshop Schedule

  • January 20 (Monday)@Conference Room of the 7th floor of Mercury Tower: mini-conference on economics of leadership (joint with Innovation Management Policy Program of the IIR)
    • Registration required (by the end of December 2013)
    • 13:40-15:00 Hideo Suehiro (Kobe U), Experiments on the Emergence of Leadership in Teams (joint with Koji Abe and Hajime Kobayashi)
    • 15:20-16:40 Koji Abe (Yokohama National U), Leadership in Prisoner's Dilemma with Inequity Aversive Preferences (joint with Hajime Kobayashi and Hideo Suehiro)
    • 17:00-18:20 Benjamin Hermalin (UC Berkeley), At the Helm, Kirk or Spock? Why Even Rational Actors Favor Charismatic Leaders
  • January 24
    • Speaker: Yasuhiro Ohta (Keio U)
    • Title: Accounting Conservatism and Firm Characteristics
  • January 31
    • Speaker: Meg Adachi-Sato (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology U)
    • Title: Incentive Pay That Causes Inefficient Managerial Replacement
  • February 21
    • Speaker: Izumi Yokoyama (Hitotsubashi U)
    • Title: Why Do Wages Become More Rigid during a Recession Than during a Boom?
  • March 28
    • Speaker: Takeshi Nishimura (Hitotsubashi U)
    • Title: Informed Principal Problems in Bilateral Trading
  • April 11
    • Speaker: Masanori Tsuruoka (U Tokyo)
    • Title: A Public Procurement Auction with the Presence of the Moral Hazard Problem: An Empirical Analysis
  • April 17 (Thur) 16:30-18:00@Room317, Isono Building, 3rd floor (joint with Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: Kohei Kawamura (U Edinburgh)
    • Title: Expert Information and Majority Decisions: Theory and Experiment (tentative)
  • April 18 (joint with Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: Christoph Kuzmics (Bielfeld U)
    • Title: Coordination with Independent Private Values: Why Pedestrians Sometimes Bump into Each Other
  • May 02
    • Speaker: Mayo Sakai (U Tokyo)
    • Title: TBD
  • May 09
    • Speaker: Fumitoshi Moriya (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
    • Title: TBD
  • June 06
    • Speaker: Daisuke Hirata (Harvard U)
    • Title: TBD

Past Workshop

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