Basic Information

  • When: Fridays 16:40-18:10, unless noticed otherwise.
  • Where: Room 3403 (GSCM Conference Room) on the 4th floor of Mercury Tower (building 37 in campus map) located in East Campus of Hitotsubashi University. Please note that the access to the room is restricted after 17:00.
  • CTWE is informal (not affiliated with schools or departments formally). Please send me (Hideshi Itoh, my first name dot my last name atmark r.hit-u.ac.jp) an e-mail if you are interested in contributing to the workshop by presenting your (however incomplete) work or participating actively in discussion. Presentation may be in English contingent on the audience.

2016 Workshop Schedule

  • January 21 (Thursday@Isono Building 317, joint with Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: Hongyi Li (UNSW)
    • Title: The Dynamics of Policy Complexity
  • March 11
    • Speaker: Fumi Kiyotaki (Kindai U)
    • Title: Do Workers Negotiate Collectively or Separately? :An Application of Coalitional Bargaining Game with Externalities (joint with Toshiji Miyakawa)
  • March 18
    • Speaker: Kimiyuki Morita (Hitotsubashi U)
    • Title: Learnability Confidence and Human Capital Acquisition
  • April 22
    • Speaker: Daiki Kishishita (U Tokyo)
    • Title: When Filibuster is Credible Signal
  • May 06
    • Speaker: Saori Chiba (Kyoto U)
    • Title: Hidden Profiles and Persuasion Cascades in Group Decision-Making (joint with Marco LiCalzi)
  • May 27
    • Speaker: Takuya Nakaizumi (Kanto Kaguin U)
    • Title: Soft Budget Constraint Problem and Hard Budget Solution of Outwards Reinsurance Market
  • June 03
    • Speaker: Ryuji Sano (Kyoto U) & Akitoshi Muramoto (Komazawa U)
    • Title:Sequential Auctions with Heterogeneous Objects (Sano) & Sequential Auctions with Common Shocks (tentative, Muramoto)
  • June 24
    • 16:40-17:30 Satoshi Nakada (Hitotsubashi U): Priority-Regarding Shapley Value 
    • 17:40-18:30 Satoshi Matsuzawa (U Tokyo): Quality Regulation, Market Structure, and Social Welfare
  • July 01
    • Speaker: Kota Murayama (Northwestern U)
    • Title: Designing Information Sharing Mechanisms (joint with Yusuke Mizumoto)
  • July 15 (joint with HIAS and Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: In-Koo Cho (U Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
    • Title: Gresham's Law of Model Averaging
  • July 29
    • Speaker: Hajime Tomura (Waseda U)
    • Title: Payment Instruments and Collateral in the Interbank Payment System
  • September 02 16:30-18:00@Faculty Building II, Room 517 (joint with HIAS and IO/Labor Workshop)
    • Speaker: Ricard Gil (Johns Hopkins U)
    • Title: The Value of Relational Adaptation in Outsourcing: Evidence from the 2008 Shock to the US Airline Industry
  • September 30
    • Speaker: Takeshi Murooka (LMU)
    • Title: Zero Prices: Optimal Pricing of Experience Goods under Consumer Dynamic Loss Aversion
  • October 28
    • Speaker: Toshihiro Tsuchihashi (Daito Bunka U)
    • Title: Revenue-Enhancing Effect of a Buyout Price in Multi-Unit Uniform-Price Auctions
  • December 09 (joint with Theory Workshop)
  • December 16 (joint with Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: Hiroyuki Nakata (U Leicester)
    • Title:Endogenous Fluctuations and the Social Welfare under Credit Constraints and Heterogeneous Beliefs (with Maurizio Motogese)
  • December 23: Annual Communication Theory Workshop

2017 Workshop Schedule

  • January 12 Thursday 16:30-18:00@Isono Building 317 (joint with Theory Workshop)
    • Speaker: Chengsi Wang (U Mannheim)
    • Title: Search Platforms: Showrooming and Price Parity Clauses (with Julian Wright)

Past Workshop

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