Food Bank

The food bank has now been running for some time. We were aware that a food bank exists in Didcot so went along to find out how it works.  I will not attempt to give the detailed answer here but would be glad to do so to anyone that asks.  The important point is that it is not a substitute for the long term care offered by the Social Services.  The Food Bank does not ask how the situation of desperate need came about.  It is not judgemental.  It simply acknowledges the need and provides emergency relief.  In Didcot in a typical month they gave out about 40 food parcels, each containing basic food for about three days. Since that first awareness we have come into contact with a number of needy cases and did a special delivery of Christmas food parcels.  Some of the recipients were quite overcome with tears at the care shown.  

To learn more or get involved, contact Jean Burt on 836823 or email
Ralph Shephard,
4 Dec 2011, 01:16