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Below are some examples of lessons that have been posted on-line.  I've included some of my lessons--warts and all--as well as some really outstanding examples from other folks.  Which raises a good point--before creating a new lesson to post on-line, it's always worth a quick search to see if someone has already done the work for you ;-)

Pedigree Analysis: How to solve a genetic pedigree No 1.


This is a wonderful screencast by Andrew Douch on how to solve a genetic pedigree.  Andrew used Screen Flow, a Mac application, to create his video.  The topic he is covering used to be part of the Science 10 curriculum in BC.  I like that you can see Andrew's talking head at the bottom of the screen--it makes the lesson more personal and his enthusiasm really comes across.  As an aside, I found out about Andrew's screencast from one of his tweets on Twitter.


Applied 40S June 3, 2009 (lesson on Fractals)

The above example is by Darren Kuropatwa, a math teacher in Manitoba.  He posts most of his lessons on-line and you can check out more of his presentations by going to his Slidespace on SlideShare.

Why Are They Together? 

This is part of a lesson I created for a group of grade 4 - 7 students.  For the full context of the lesson, check out my blog post here.  For this lesson I embedded a Google Docs presentation, but I could have just as easily uploaded the presentation to SlideShare.

Science 9, Module 1: Cell Division

This is the first slidecast I created; it has an audio track that syncs with the slides.  This is handy when you have slides that are not text heavy and/or that need some explaining.

Next are two lessons/tutorials that I recorded in Elluminate live.
For both of the recorded Elluminate lessons/tutorials a small Java file will be downloaded on your computer.  I'm hoping that Learn Now BC will eventually have Elluminate Publish available to all BC educators.  One of its features is the ability to upload recorded Elluminate sessions to YouTube.