Google Search

Google search can be very powerful if you know a few little tricks! 
  • Want a definition for a word, like say, omnibus?  Type in "define:omnibus" and you'll get definitions on the web for your word.
  • Google can do currency conversion calculations.  Want to know how many British pounds you can get for $100 Canadian?  Type in "100 CDN in GBP".  
  • Use it like a calculator.  Need to figure out the area of a circle with a radius of 10?  The formula for this is area = pi x radius squared.  So you just type in "pi * 10^2"
  • Want to know the time in Newfoundland right now?  Type in "time Newfoundland".
  • If you'd like the results of your search to be displayed in a chart format, check out Google Squared.  You can select one of the sample searches, or do your own.  I got some interesting results by searching for 'Greek Gods'.
For some quick references to these tricks and more, check out this page and this one.