Broadband Internet Services for Campgrounds and Hotels

Speeds up to 50mbps down/50mbps up, for only $55/mo.

Bring your own dual-band router or rent one from CTS for $10/mo.

There is a one time $30 installation fee.

No data caps*. No customer contracts. No price hikes after one year.

Not satellite based.

Real internet speeds at Nelson's Outdoor Resort

Call or text 321-430-2246

Campground Owners: Before having a dedicated fiber line installed, there will need to be a three year service contract between CTS and the campground or hotel where the fiber will be installed. Renters on the property will not be locked into any contracts.

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(it's a slow process)

*Although there are no data caps, excessive usage such as over 2TB/month may see reduced speeds as this takes up a lot of airtime. 1TB/mo is almost equivalent to 300 hours of video streaming in HD.