Broadband Internet Services for Campgrounds and Hotels

No Data Caps | No Contract | Not Satellite Based
Plan A: Up to 12mbps down/5mbps up for $40/mo
Plan B: Up to 25mbps down/10mbps up for $50/mo
Plan C: Up to 40mbps down/20mbps up for $70/mo
$30 installation fee due at time of setup.
Router provided for an additional $30 one-time fee, or bring your own.
No additional fees or surcharges.
Common pricing for DSL in the 32784 ZIP code is $49/mo and has extra fees.
All three packages support video streaming and video chatting capabilities.
You will be behind one shared public IP, similar to a hotel, resort, or airport system.

Internet service provided by Creative Technical Services, LLC.
Winter Park, FL

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CTS uses enterprise level dedicated fiber systems to the main tower. From there, high capacity encrypted wireless links are set up on licensed frequencies, where the signal then comes into the home and is plugged into a home router.