The Team

The proposed research is a collaboration between Smith (PI), Felson, Raymond, Seto, and Thomas, as well as several graduate and undergraduate researchers. Smith and Raymond will oversee the warming experiment, and the postdoctoral researcher and graduate student will assist with construction of the shelters, monitoring of sensors, and collection of field data. Smith and Raymond plan to include the experiment in their Ecosystem Analysis course taught each Fall. Seto, in collaboration with a graduate student, will oversee the remote sensing and LIDAR data analyses. Seto plans to incorporate these analyses as a case study in her advanced remote sensing of the environment course. Thomas, in cooperation with Varekamp (Wesleyan University), will oversee the historic sea level rise studies. They and several undergraduate students will carry out the fieldwork and analyses of the peat cores. Finally, Felson will oversee the community outreach workshops and forums and writing of the preliminary Coastal Resilience Plan.

Principal Investigator

Project Team
Pete Raymond - Effects of Warming of Salt Marsh Productivity and Accretion
Ellen Thomas - Reconstructing Rates of Sea Level Rise
Karen Seto - Time series remote sensing to evaluate conditions and spatial variation in salt marsh ecosystems
Alex Felson - Community Outreach and Planning

Mark Hoover
Chris Starkey
Weihong Wang
Emanuel Feld