R1b1a2a1a3 - CTS4528 S1200 & DF100 S1203 inc. S14328 - S11481 - S1211 - S6868

 This project currently holds data for 180 testers
The R1b-DF100+ & R1b-CTS4528+ R1b-S14328 y-DNA & Subclades 
Genetic Genealogy Research Hub
R1b- CTS4528+ > DF100+ aka R1b1a2a1a3 S1200 & S1203 & S14328

This is an alternative private members research group, we are "not" in any way connected with or subscribe to the views, opinions or consequent unsupported theories that the FTDNA CTS4528 group propose on their website

The pursuit of knowledge, no matter where the trail leads. 
The greatest barrier against wisdom and the stronghold against knowledge, is the single thought that the answer has already been figured out.

Est. 2013 from a L11*/P310* FTDNA Project Transition. Adrian Ballard.

Genetic Genealogy The goal of this project, is to continue to collect as many down stream CTS4528 y-DNA samples, their name origins, family histories, etc, with a view to explore and develop a deep clade test as resolute as 
is possible, to bring our members y-DNA samples within the scope/timescale of fixed recorded surname history. We hope that by doing this we can cluster groups 
and tie them into recorded history anchor points, hopefully enabling triangulation in some instances, thus building a firm foundation to explore the full or part groups cultural ancestry and ethnicity/s.

Name Origin Mapping
1.Ethnic Cluster #1, Flemish/Dutch. 
2.Ethnic Cluster #2, British Isles/Scots/German
We welcome - Testers from FTDNA, 23&Me, BDNA Britain's DNA Cromo2, Genographic Project Geno2, Personal Genome Project. 

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BIG Y Testers please request a .BAM file button on your FTDNA account, so you can download and submit your .BAM files to HT35 project request to helpdesk@familytreedna.com. 

We ask and recommend that all those members who have taken BIG Y no matter your type, CTS4528 P311 etc. Please contact Sergey Malyshev s.v.malyshev@mail.ru and arrange to submit your .BAM files to him at the HT35 project so that he can examine these and rectify any current ambiguous findings in the development of the ongoing ISOGG Y Hp Tree.

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Dutch: Welkom bij het CTS4528 y-DNA project. German: Willkommen beim CTS4528 Y-DNA-Projekt. 
French: Bienvenue au projet ADN CYS4528 y. English: Welcome to the CTS4528 y-DNA project. 
Portuguese: Bem-vindo ao projeto CTS4528 y-DNA. Spanish: Bienvenidos al proyecto de ADN: CTS4528 y. 


All rights reserved.  Adrian Ballard Project Manager. 2014. c.
Britain's DNA BDNA
1KGP-HG00148, Aas, Abernethy, Ace, Adam, Adams, Addie, Adey, Alban, Allan, allard, Allen, Allin, Ambrosia, Anstruther, Anwyl, Ap Allard, Armand, Arnold, Arnolt, As, Aschennane, Ashennan, Athay, Aubery, Aubray, Aubrey, Awbrey, Bach, Badam, Badham, Badinham, Baird, Baker, Bakker, Balard, Ballard, Balliard, Balliol, Ballord, Banham, Banion, Banman, Bannan, Bannon, Barry, Bart, Bates, Bath, Batha, Baughn, Bawen, Bawn, Bayliss, Baymon, Baynham, BDNA-1626, BDNA-40292, BDNA-569, BDNA-571, BDNA-572, BDNA-573, BDNA-574, BDNA-575, BDNA-576, BDNA-577, BDNA-578, BDNA-579, BDNA-580, BDNA-581, BDNA-582, Beal, Beale, Beaton, Beddis, Beddoes, Beddow, Beedle, Beinon, Beli, Bell, Bellard, Beller, Bellis, Belt, Benbough, Benbow, Bendbowe, Bengough, Bennet, Bennie, Bennion, Bethell, Bettis, Bevan, Bevin, Beynam, Beynon, Bickford, Binnell, Binner, Binnie, Binning, Bishop, Bithell, Bivin, Blaeny, Blayney, Bodinham, Bolland, Bollard, Bollardt, Bollart, Bolver, Bonner, Boswell, Bowdler, Bowen, Bown, Brauwere, Brees, Breese, Breeze, Bremner, Brewer, Brian, Brodie, Brown, Bruce, Brun, Bryant, Bryse, Bryste, Buallt, Buddyr, Budu, Buelth, Builth, Bulkeley, Bumfrey, Bumphrey, Bunna, Bunnell, Bunner, Bunyan, Bychan, Bydder, Byddir, Byne, Bythell, Byther, Caddick, Caddock, Cadogan, Cadwalader, Cadwaladr, Cadwalder, Cadwaldr, Cadwallader, Cadwgan, Cam, Cameron, Campbell, Canton, Cardiff, Cardigan, Carew, Carnley, Carnline, Carter, Charter, Clemmet, Clow, Coats, Coffin, Comyn, Connah, Connick, Cotes, Craddock, Crawford, Crawfurd, Creese, Crew, Crichard, Crow, Crowther, Crunn, Cruz, CTS1195, CTS4528, CTS4528 - (15697457 T->C), Cuffin, Cunnah, Cunnick, D'Ambrosia, Dakin, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison, Dawe, Dawes, Dawkins, Dawson, De War, Deurs, Devenald, Deventer, Devonald, Dew, Dewar, DF100, DF100 / S6854 - (16775613 C->T), Dick, Dicks, Dodd, Douglas, Dowie, Duggan, Dyas, Dykins, d’Handresson, Eathel, Edmunds, Edward, Edwards, Egue, Einion, Einon, Elis, Elisedd, Eliza, Ellice, Ellis, Ellisa, Emment, Emont, Enian, Erskine, Escobar, Ethell, Evan, Evans, Eynon, Far, Farr, Fenn, Fenna, Fennah, Fenner, Ffoulkes, Ffowkes, FGC14435.2 - (14048276 C->T), Field, Flamang, Flamank, Flament, Flammang, Flanderensis, Flanders, Fleeming, Flello, Flellos, Flement, Fleming, Flemish, Flemming, Flemyng, Flockhart, Flood, Floyd, Flucker, Foel, Folant, Folland, Forrester, Forster, Forsyth, Foster, Foulkes, Fox, Frame, Francis, Frizall, Fuge, Fulk, Fychan, Gale, Galle, Galley, Gallis, Games, Gardarn, Geonor, Gethin, Gibby, Gil, Gill, Gille, Gittah, Gittings, Gittins, Gittoes, Goch, Godwin, Gof, Goff, Gogh, Gooch, Goodge, Goodin, Goodwin, Goodwyn, Gote, Gott, Gotte, Goudge, Gough, Graham, Griffies, Griffin, Griffis, Griffith, Griffiths, Grippiud, Gronkiewicz, Gronow, Gronw, Gruffudd, Gruffydd, Gtuo, Gudwgan, Guilielm, Gullam, Guttu, Gutu, Gutyn, Guyther, Gwalchmai, Gwallter, Gwaren, Gwgan, Gwilliam, Gwilt, Gwilym, Gwinnett, Gwyn, Gwynett, Gwynn, Gwynne, Gwyther, Gynne, Hael, Haines, Hall, Hallard, Halls, Hally, Hamilton, Hanson, Hardman, Harmand, Harmant, Harrhy, Harries, Harris, Harry, Hartmann, Havard, Haward, Hazeel, Hazel, Hazell, Heald, Heilyn, Helis, Henckle, Henders, Henderson, Hendri, Hendrick(s), Hendron, Hendry, Henman, Henrisoun, Henry, Henryson, Henson, Herbert, Herward, Heylyn, Hier, Hillanbrand, Hillanbrandt, Hillenbrand, Hillenbrandt, Hillin, Hilling, Hilton, Hinckel, Hire, Hodgkin, Hoel, Hoell, Hoesgyn, Hoiskin, Holl, Holm, Hopkin, Hoskins, Hoskyn, Hoskyns, Houbron, Howard, Howel, Howell, Howells, Howes, Hugh, Hughes, Hullin, Humphreys, Hussey, Huws, Hyer, Hyr, Hywel, Iago, Iefan, Ieuan, Ifan, Ifor, Inions, Innes, Iocco, Ioco, Iorwerth, Ithael, Ithel, Ithell, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jamieson, Jamison, Jankin, Jarman, Jeavince, Jeavons, Jenkins, Jenner, Jermin, Jermyn, Jermyne, Jevons, Jimmerson, John, Johnson, Jones, Jordon, Junker, Kanbier, Kendrick, Kessen, Kettle, Kienle, Kienlen, Kreuz, Krug, Krüg, Kühnle, Kühnlen, Lacharn, Lagham, Lagharn, Landeg, Laugharne, le Bel, Leach, Leigh, Leith, Lello, Lennon, Lesle, Leslie, Leslin, Lessle, Lewelin, Lewhellin, Lewis, Lewys, Ley, Leyshon, Lindsay, Llewelin, Lleweling, Llewellin, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Llewhellin, Llewhelling, Llewlling, Lloyd, Llwchwr, Llwd, Llywarch, Lochore, Locker, Loselin, Loslein, Loslin, Lougher, Loyd, Lynch, Löslin, M7851 - (17073647 T->A), Mabe, MacEanruig, MacHendry, MacHenry, MacKendree, MacKendrick, MacKendry, Maddock, Maddocks, Maddox, Maddy, Madock, Madog, Madsen, Mandeville, Mar, Maredith, Marker, Marquis, Marr, Massey, Mathew, Mathews, Mathias, Matthew, Matthews, Maur, Maurice, Mayer, McClellan, McClelland, McHendry, McHenry, McKendrick, McKendry, McLellan, Meek, Meredith, Meridith, Merkel, Merrick, Mertz, Meyer, Meyrick, Mier, Miles, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Montanari, Montgomerie, Morgan, Morran, Morrens, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Mortimer, Mostyn, Mulineux, Mulli, Murray, Mutch, Myers, Nanney, Narber, Narbertt, Narbett, Newberry, Newbery, Niket, Novak, Nowak, Oehler, Ohlhauser, Oliphant, Oliver, Onion, Onions, Orr, Oskins, Owain, Owen, Palin, Parker, Parry, Paskin, Pendry, Penn, Penry, Pergrem, Peteat, Petit, Petrie, Pettit, PGP124, PGP45, Phenna, Phennah, Pickerin, Pickering, Pickrin, Pickring, Picton, Plender, Plenderleith, Poiskin, Popkin, Popkins, Powell, Prain, Prayne, Preddy, Predith, Preece, Pren and Prenn, Preynne, Price, Prichard, Pritchard, Probart, Probert, Probyn, Prodger, Propert, Prosser, Prothero, Prydderch, Puckering, Puckrin, Puckring, Pugh, Pumphrey, Pumphreys, Pundler, R1b-S1187, R1b-S1194, R1b-S14328, R1b2a1Ba1a3, Rafuse, Ragan, Read, Rede, Reed, Rees, Reese, Regan, Reid, Resius, Rheseus, Rhydderch, Rhys, Rice, Riceus, Richard, Richards, Rinck, Robert, Roberts, Robin, Roblin, Roch, Roche, Rodd, Roger, Rogers, Roppert, Rosenvinge, Rosier, Rosser, Rothero, Rowland, Rowlands, Rudd, Ruddock, Ruddz, Ruther, S11481 - (8455290 A->G), S1187, S1194, S1194 / S6870 - (14668524 A->G), S1196 / S6847 - (14946383 G->A), S1199 - (15472176- C->T), S1200, S1203, S1211, S1211 - (21256256 C->A), S14328, S14328 - (13647616 C->A), S14328 R1b1a2a1a3a 13647616, S17868 - (16054926 C->T), S4631 / Z16218 - (15226343 A->T), S6868 - (23582147 G->C), Saer, Saies, Saise, Sauls, Sayce, Saylor, Says, Sayse, Schear, Schirrmeister, Schlaegle, Schlagel, Schlagle, Schleagle, Schlegal, Schlegel, Schlegell, Schlegle, Schloegel, Schloegle, Schlogel, Scots, Scots Clan, Seiler, Seisyll, Seton, Seys, Shanan, Shannan, Shannon, Sharp, Shaw, Shennan, Shepherd, Shlagel, Shlagle, Shone, Sinclair, Slagal, Slagel, Slaggle, Slaghel, Slagill, Slagl, Slagle, Slagley, Sleagel, Sleagle, Slecal, Slegal, Slegel Slagell, Sleggel, Sleggell, Sleggle, Slegil, Slegill, Slegl, Slegles, Sleigel, Sleighel, Sleigle, Sligles, Slogile, Slogle, Smith, Souls, Spencer, Spenser, Stein, Stewart, Steyn, Stirling, Strachen, Struve, Sturman, Sutherland, Sutton, Swankie, Swindell, Taft, Talacharn, Tanad, Tanat, Tannatt, Teage, Tegg, Tew, Tewdor, Thomas, Tither, Toft, Travis, Treham, Trevor, Trewent, Troast, Troest, Troost, Trost, Trufant, Tuder, Tudor, Tufft, Tuft, Turner, Van Der Mij, Vaughan, Vaux, Vawden, Vermij, Vermont, Voddan, Voddon, Voil, Voiles, Volk, Vowell, Voyle, Voyles, Waddell, Wagan, Waken, Wales, Walker, Wallace, Walland, Wallis, Walliter, Wallys, Walsh, Walters, Wat, Waters, Watts, Weddell, Welch, Welker, Wellin, Welling, Wellins, Welsh, Weyand, Weyandt, Whalon, White, Whitney, Wiles, Wilks, Williams, Willis, Willson, Wilson, Windsor, Wintermute, Withers, Wogan, Woggon, Woodall, Woogan, Wright, Wynn, Wynne, Yarwood, Yorath, Younger, Zohrab