CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs
Launched in June 2012, the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs is an innovative partnership between the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network and the CT AFL-CIO that seeks to strengthen collaboration among Connecticut’s labor, environmental, and religious groups in advocating for public policies that address urgent concerns about climate change while creating good-paying jobs right here in our state.

We reject the false choice of “jobs or the environment.”  We know that environmental change is coming and will require changes in how we produce and consume both energy and goods and services.  We seek to build a worker-oriented environmental movement that supports a fair and just transition program to protect not only the environment, but also the livelihoods of working people endangered by both climate change and the steps taken toward mitigation and adaptation.  Workers making the difficult transition to alternative work deserve well-paid, secure jobs with benefits and the right to union representation.

We believe that the power of our public advocacy for policies on which we have found consensus is strengthened by our ability to engage in honest and open dialogue on areas where we are still seeking common ground.  Our diversity is our strength.

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