OK, this isn't anything flash, just somewhere to stick videos and pictures I haven't got room for else where.

No doubt, sooner or later I fill it full of junk and then I'll delete stuff and replace it with more junk... until then enjoy.


This is just an intro to an old movie I made up a while ago called "The 'Gow"

2007 8hr

We didn't get as much footage this year but this short vid captures some action 

2007 8hr vid 


2006 Lithgow 8hr Vids

Here's Skinny stuffing around on the Jump of Doom before the 06 8hr  Skinny 

Adam, Garth and Dammo also put on a great trials demo trials1.wmv    trials2.wmv 

And here is the footage Ego took of the race

8hr Part 1   8hr part 2   8hr part 3  8hr Part 4    8hr part 5

 Lidsdale Night Ride

DH movies




2007 Winter series #3 




2007 State race: Lidsdale twin tracks

 It was a but of a gamble. And a bit of Fun. Most riders thought it was a great day.

2007 Short course series


2006 National #1 

CT/WS clubbie 25-6-06

May 2006 Lithgow 

Bottom Jump Saturday 

It was wet and miserable but Brad Kelly still stomped down the hill to become 2005 State Champ



u19 and elite final run down te rock garden 2004  

Luke's Helmet cam

   Ego's helmet cam

Club race 9-4-06

 Off the brakes

Short course track 2 

Acid Drop 


Just Stuffing about

Lidsdale Twin Tracks


 Cory, Disco, Skinny, Ego, Dan, Pete, Chris and Me just out for a ride, tracks include the State Mine, Ch6 and my back yard.

Rifle range track    Pottery track  Black Diamond trail   Ch 6    left hand Gully

Night of the Living Chain Guides

Lidsdale trails 

Nice jumps and dodgy NS 

Strathlone Trail





 Me and Ego testing the Coves at Old bathurst Rd 

oldbat.wmv     oldbat1.wmv



Catch you all out there somehwre.