Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants perform a very important role at JHSPH.  While they are not responsible for teaching entire courses, their support is integral to many of the
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courses taught at JHSPH.  This section of the toolkit is intended to provide Teaching Assistants and those considering positions as Teaching Assistants information about the role of a TA, and the administrative and teaching responsibilities that go along with that position.  If you are planning to become a TA at JHSPH, please take a look at the FAQ's, departmental information and information on how to enroll in the TA training course

You can also go straight to enroll in the Teaching Assistantship Training inside CoursePlus.

Why be a TA?

In the below video, you'll hear from some Faculty and Teaching Assistants on why they think it's beneficial to be a TA.

Why be a TA