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CTL Toolkit Shelf

bookshelfThe CTL Toolkit Shelf is a "one-stop-shop" for various artifacts authored by the Center for Teaching and Learning. The page is a holding place for the Templates, Guides, and Handouts we have created for JHSPH. You will also find these resources linked and attached to the various pages on our website.
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CTL advises that all of our online lectures be developed using this template. For guidance on using this template to make an accessible document, please refer to the Sample PowerPoint  and the documents 5 Tips for Using CTL's PowerPoint Template and PowerPoint Best Practices Checklist. You can also talk to your instructional designer and refer to our suggestions for Asynchronous Best Practices for further details.
JHU PowerPoint Template


Also see the Recording Tips under Handouts, below.


Course Design & Development


Instruction and Pedagogy

LiveTalk Tips for Success (Faculty, Students and Remote Participants)
Student Direction:
Peer Assessment Overview for Students (coming soon!)


Universal Design for Instruction: Accessibility

Best Practices:
*This was not authored solely by CTL, but it is an important JHU resource for UDI: Accessibility