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Upcoming CTL Events and Workshops 

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Drop-In Office Hours - Hands-On help with Technology and Teaching

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    Past Events:

    Teaching During Inclement Weather
    January 2015 (slight audio issues at beginning of recording, abrupty drops you abut 2 minutes into the workshop)

    Flipping Without Flopping with Voicethread
    December 2014

    Using the Quiz Generator in CoursePlus for Higher-Order Thinking Skills Assessments
    November 2014

    What's New in CoursePlus for Faculty?
    October 22, 2014

    Your CoursePlus Syllabus Design: Meeting the School’s Teaching, Policy, and Accreditation Standards
    October 2014

    What's New in CoursePlus for Faculty?
    August 2014

    Turnitin - Plagiarism Prevention and Detection
    March 2014

    Turnitin and Plagiarism Prevention
    January 2014 (this recording was truncating and begins about 12 minutes into the workshop)

    Students and Community Public Health Practice Experiences: Tools for Critical Reflection and Ethical Considerations
    January 2014

    Think Beyond the Slide: Promoting Interactivity and Engagement in our Teaching
    December 2013

    Utilizing Service-Learning Pedagogy to Integrate Public Health Practice into the Classroom
    November 2013

    Turnitin and Plagiarism Prevention
    October 2013

    Accessibility and Universal Design: What Every Instructor Should Know
    September 2013

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Up and Running with CoursePlus
    July 2013

    Using The New CoursePlus Syllabus Tool
    May 2013

    Applying Flipped Classroom and/or Active Learning Strategies (Hands-On Workshop) (Link to recording is in the Additional Resources section of this page)
    April 19, 2013

    2013 Faculty Teaching Workshop: Engaging Students in Active Learning: The Flipped Classroom and Other Strategies
    March 18, 2013

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Changing Course: Mid-Term Course Fixes
    March 2013

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Fostering Collaboration and Productivity with Google Docs and Drive
    February 2013

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Teaching During Inclement Weather

    December 2012

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Tips on Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
    November 2012

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Syllabus 3: Covering the Structure: Active Learning Techniques
    September 2012

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Syllabus 2: Framing the Structure: Methods of Evaluation & Assessment
    July 2012

    School of Nursing Teaching with Technology Fair
    May 2012

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Discussions
    May 2012

    April 2012
    Learn to use VoiceThread, an online tool, to create narrated presentations and foster online discussions about audio and visual materials.

    Teaching Toolkit Workshop: Evolution of a Grading Rubric
    March 2012
    Learn about grading rubrics -what they are, why and how you might (or might not!) use them

    Faculty Workshop  January 11, 2012 The first Faculty Workshop of 2012 was focused on Experiments in Innovative Teaching.  It included presentations from several faculty members about interesting techniques used in their classes, including case studies, storytelling, discussion boards, blogs, and audience response (polling) systems.