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Psalm 40: 6-8

"6    Sacrifice and offering You did not desire;

        My ears You have opened.

        Burnt offerings and sin offering You did not require.

7      Then I said, 'Behold I come;

         In the scroll of the book it is written of me,

8       I delight to do Your will, O my God,

        And Your law is within my heart.' "  NKJV

Notes from Life Application Bible for Psalm 40:6:

" 'Sacrifice and offering You did not desire.'  The religious ritual of David's day involved sacrificing animals in the tabernacle.  David says these acts were meaningless unless done for the right reasons.  Today we often make rituals of going to church, taking communion, or paying tithes.  These activities are also empty if our reasons for doing them are selfish.  God doesn't want these sacrifices and offerings without an attitude of devotion to Him.  The prophet Samuel told Saul, 'To obey is better than sacrifice' (1 Samuel 15:22).  Make sure that you give God the obedience and lifelong service He desires from You."

Please Join Us!

Times of transition always bring the most unexpected turns; and while they may surprise us, they are no surprise to the Lord.  We know He is faithful and worthy of our trust.

Our new location is not ready for us at this time, so we will be temporarily meeting in the Christian Activities Center of First Baptist Church of Cocoa.  Beginning May 20, 2018, Christ the King Church will be worshipping together at this location.  Services will begin at 11:00 am.  

First Baptist Church of Cocoa is located at 750 Brevard Avenue, Cocoa, Florida.  The Christian Activities Center is located south of the main church building at 215 Oak Street.  You can most easily find the church by traveling on US 1 to Rosa  L. Jones Drive (there is a light at the intersection).  Turn East and continue to the traffic circle where the church and surrounding buildings are located.  Please join us as God continues to lead us in this wonderful journey.