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This site has been created with you in mind. We pray that you will be encouraged to experience CTKC 
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that will help those who are new to our community to become empowered and get to know us better.
Christ The King Church, Melbourne is a great place to grow, learn, share and worship! 
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Summer is here....

and for some of us it is a time of year becomes filled with trips, activities, and events.  Don't forget, that in spite of our busy-ness and very full calendars, that God still calls us to faithfulness to the ministry He has called us to.  Make a special effort to spend time in prayer.  Make a special effort to be in God's Word.  Make a special effort to participate in the Prayer Call on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Make a special effort to be at Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.  Make a special effort to be in attendance on Sunday morning. 

God's schedule never gets in the way of His love for you and His desire to spend time with you.  Don't let yours get in the way of your relationship with the Him.

CTKC Choir 
The Christ the King Church will be starting a regular choir as part of our Praise and Worship Music Ministry. If you love to sing and are interested in becoming a part of the Christ the King Church community, please contact the church for more information.