Our Mission

Welcome to Hoysala Kannada Koota , an association of  all Kannada loving people here in Connecticut to serve and promote the values,traditions and culture of Kannada and Karnataka. Hoysala Kannada Koota is a  public charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code any donations made are eligible for tax benefit.

HKK celebrates all the major Karnataka festivals such as Sankranti, Ugadi & Deepavali every year. During Sankranthi HKK will host a musical event called Hemantha Gaana by extending an opportunity to individuals to perform vocal and instrumental music in any language. During Ugadi & Deepavali HKK will host cultural programs coordinated by members of HKK, it encourages the hidden talents within our community. Also provides a platform for kids and adults to coordinate and participate in cultural programs. During summer HKK organizes an outdoor picnic, encourages members to have fun with outdoor games and activities, barbecuing etc., HKK also provides an opportunity to other region Kannada Kootas or Kannadigas to participate in our events and perform special talents.

'Yuva Hoysala'


"Yuva Hoysala" - An activity for young adults to involve them in HKK events.


12 years & above

How does it work?


One/two of the  EC Committee Adult member(s) will be guiding & helping them to participate.


Every Yuva volunteer will be given a Name Tag with Hoysala Logo to wear all through the event.


Various Roles & Responsibilities will be planned & shared. They will form the "Yuva HKK" Committee Members for the event.  They are welcome to pick & act on activities based on their interest; but once picked expected to commit & complete (just like EC Members/ Adults)


Individual contribution is also welcome or can work in mini-teams. Teams are given responsibilities based on their interest.


On the event day teams can help each other to be more productive & helpful overall.


At the end, every youth member will be given a certificate to recognize their social contributions.

Miscellaneous Activities

HKK Members will also involve in many other activities to enrich the association.

· Encourages volunteers to screen the Kannada Movies in local theaters.
· Organizing special events to encourage the artists visiting from India.
· Collecting donations for Food Bank Donations
· Awareness activities to members
· Represents Kannada Koota in other Indian events like Milana.