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Summer Picnic - ವನಭೋಜನ

HKK celebrated the Annual Picnic on 29th June 2013 @ J.B Williams Park ,Glastonbury
Namaskara all,
Fun and traditional games like 'khoko' and 'lagori' for all ages, tasty foods and snacks prepared fresh on the picnic grounds, and most importantly, 'harate' with friends and follow kannadigas - these are the few highlights of HKK Picnic 2013 last week. Thank you all for making it an enjoyable event and a grand success. From beginning till the end we all had a great time; kids and adult alike. We also had many new families join us this time, warm welcome to you to CT and to Hoysala Kannada Koota.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us in various ways in putting it all together. Whether it was coordinating games, cooking or cleaning, many of you came forward and helped. Thanks to our EC members who started the day early and made sure the event went well, paying attention to each and every detail. 
We collected close to $400 for CT food bank at the Picnic. Thanks to everyone who donated generously.
 As always, thank you all for your continued support to HKK and we will see you soon at Navika !
- EC, HKK.

By Vishakh Talanki (12 years)
The 2013 HKK picnic was a great success. Lots of people came and we had lots of fun. One game was marshmallow run. In this game you had to hop to  a chair and pick up A marshmallow and hop back and eat the marshmallow. Then you had to repeat that until all your marshmallows of the chair in your mouth. Another game that we played was tug of war. We also had a balloon toss with water balloons. In this game kids with a partner had to toss a balloon back and forth taking a step back each time. This increase the difficulty,  if your balloon hit the ground it would pop most likely and you would be out. However some of the smaller kids got balloons with less water in them so that even if it hit the ground it would be unlikely to pop. This gave them an even playing field against the bigger kids. Also the adults along with some bigger kids played volleyball in the volleyball court.  There was also a playground where some of the kids went to play. Another place people went to see was the little lake and stream away from the pavilion. It was beautiful. We also play musical chairs. We played three rounds 1 for the kids 1 for the adults and one for the senior citizens. Another fun game we played bingo. In this game you bought a bingo board for $1 each. You got one of the three prizes if you got a line horizontally, a line vertically or diagonally , or if you got a full house which was every spot on the board was covered. Some people donated their money that they won from bingo to the Connecticut Food Bank. We also had some great food that was cooked by volunteers in the park kitchen. some foods were keseri bath, upittu, and watermelon. Also, for dessert after lunch the ice cream truck came in. Lots of people bought ice cream. Overall the HKK picnic was lots of fun.
HKK Picnic 2013 event memories were captured from Nagaraja Maheswarappa , Bala Gowda & Roopa & Amruth Kumar, thanks to all of them for successfully freezing the moments in digital media  .... Enjoy the enthusiastic game players expressions, our cute little angels enjoying little treasures of life, the best fun on the earth in childhood days are ....what else screaming for ice cream and eating ice cream isn't  !! no wonder ice cream truck brought tons of happiness for kids on picnic day :) , cheers for corns, then Story in Kitchen...preparation, presentation, quality testing, serving, cleaning what not happened in that kitchen .... well some of them are also captured here  , overall that Uppittu and Bhelpuri 's are not just a dish it was a evidence of  team work .... what do you say ??