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Deepavali - ದೀಪಾವಳಿ

HKK EC thanks to our members for a successful Deepavali program.Please enjoy the photos and videos as available , stay tuned for remaining photos and videos. 

Videos of Deepavali 2016

Thanks to Amruth Kumar for Video Coverage for this event.

 Jaya Jaya Sree Lakshmi -


 Little superstars

 Milana Group

 No Problem -

Hacchevu Kannadada Deepa -

Crazy Stars of Premaloka

 Premaloka -1

 Premaloka -2

 Premaloka -3

 Premaloka -4

 Premaloka -5

 Premaloka -6

 Premaloka -7

Photos of Deepavali 2016

Thanks to Dinesh Haryadi & Guru Angithayya for Photo Coverage for this event.

Photos from Guru Angithayya -

Fancy Dress - Deepavali 2016

Jaya Jaya Jaya Sree Lakshmi - Deepavali 2016

Singer: Latha Aswathnarayana Cordination: Priya Haryadi Goddess Lakshmi: Aparna Athreya Dancers: Nidhi Bhat, Aditi Grama, Ananya Grama, Ruhi Haryadi, Akshaya Radhakrishnan, Saanvi Talanki

Shrama - Deepavali 2016

Cordination & Choreography: Hema Chinnadhupparige Participants: Ananya Krishnamurthy, Shreyas Krishnamurthy, Sneha Balur, Diya Balur, Raksha Anilkumar, Deeksha Anilkumar, Rrutu Kurtakoti, Megha Kurtakoti, Shreya Harish, Siri Harish, Nandini Anupoju, Shivani Anupoju

Little Superstars - Deepavali 2016

Coordination & Choreography: Divya Goutham Dancers: Pramath Goutham, Akshar Sanganalmath, Sathvik Guruprasad, Nihal Balagowda, Jahnvi Vijay

Milana - HKK Deepavali 2016

Coordination & Choreography: Shilpa Sanganalmath Dancers: Eashan Sanganalmath, Bhumika Hospet, Sanchita Dollin, Ishan Vijay, Deshna Niranjan, Shreshta Ballur, Nibha Bala Gowda

No Problem (Dance) - Deepavali 2016

Cordination & Choreography: Aparna Radhakrishnan Dancers: Rishi Radhakrishnan, Arjun Hulikal, Akhil Banavara, Aditya Anand, Sanjana Goud, Maansi Kedlaya, Riya Bangalore, Gitika Sundaram, Satya Shenoy, Aaradhya Anand

Instrumental Melody - Deepavali 2016

Cordination & Choreography: Aparna Radhakrishnan Dancers: Ananya Radhakrishnan, Disha Hulikal, Archana Shenoy, Nishita Kumar, Krithi Goud, Meghna Bangalore

Hacchevu Kannadada Deepa

Cordination: Priya Haryadi Participants: Uma Arun, Sunitha Bangalore, Priya Haryadi, Sahana Kedlaya, Roopa Kumar, Asha Potdar, Aparna Radhakrishnan, Soumya Sundresh

Crazy Stars of Premaloka

Coordinated by Santosh Sanganalmath & Malli Sannappanavar MC: Goutham Prasad Madhava & Divya Goutham Choreography: Malli Sannappanavar, Basanth Marigowdar, Ashwini Niranjan, Shwetha Jayanna Participants: Adults: Malli Sannappanavar, Madhu Sannappanavar, Santosh Sanganalmath, Shilpa Sanganalmath, Basanth Marigowdar, Suma Basanth, Niranjan BC, Ashwini Niranjan, Suhas Prabhu, Dhanya Suhas, Sadananda Masarur, Bala Gowda, Nithya Gowda, Shwetha Jayanna, Roopa Hospet, Sandhya Thippesh, Thippesh Hirenallur, Asha Vijay, Shivu Nadagouda, Anitha Nadagouda, Shivaprasad Kadappanavar Kids: Samarth Basanth, Manav Sannappanavar, Mansi Sannappanavar, Sidharth Masarur, Samarth Masarur, Sathvik Kadappanavar, Arya Nadagouda, Bhuvan Hospet

ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಕಂಡಿದು.....Deepavali 2016

Nov 6, 2016

Dear Members and Guests

HKK EC thanks to our members for a successful program.

Photos and Videos will be shared soon, follow us on facebook for all quick updates.


Oct 20 , 2016


Thank you for all those who have already sent in their entries for the HKK Deepavali event on Saturday 5th November - 2016.

It is a great opportunity for the community to showcase their talent! This is a reminder email that:

The deadline for program entries including fancy dress is Saturday October 29.

Few points to be kept in mind:

1.  Only Kids of age 5 years and below can participate in the fancy dress.

2.  Kids and Adults can present only one performance of their choice on the stage,

apart from fancy dress. (Dance/Drama/Singing etc).

3.  Minimum number of participants in a group should be 4 or more.

4.  No Solo Performances.

Please send in your participation confirmation with the following details

a) Program name, Participants names, Program Co-ordinator, contact details, time requested etc.

b) Category of Performance (Hiriya Honalu/Dance/Drama/Singing etc)

c) Audio track (If any)

Fancy Dress:

The fancy dress event is one of the most popular events in HKK's cultural programs.

In order to avoid last minute changes, for Fancy Dress, we encourage you to send in 

  • Your child’s name
  • Parent's name
  • Parent's contact number
  • Child’s age
  • Character name (if decided already) and 
  • Any audio clip associated with it 

by Oct 29th to  (phone: 860-640-4343). 

Please come on time for the program and keep your programs short and within the time requested. This co-operation from you is very crucial, so that we can have complete audience for all the programs and make the event successful.

We would like to have the dinner at 8 PM after all the programs are done, but in case if it is running overtime, we have no other option but to open the dinner.

Even if you are unable to perform for some reason, please do come and entertain yourself by watching the performances of others and encourage the crowd.

Get prepared, take off your shyness, come on stage, perform and cheer for others through huge applauds and whistles.

Please RSVP to the evite ASAP. This will help us organize the event, food with timelines.

-- Hoysala Kannada Koota Executive Committee

Oct 14, 2016

The current term of the Executive Committee of Hoysala Kannada Koota will end on Nov 5, 2016.  Election of the new members for the Executive Committee will be held on the General Body meeting which will be convened on November 5, 2016along with HKK 2016 Deepavali Program. Venue details will be sent within next few days. 

Hoysala Kannada Koota Association of CT Inc is registered under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable organization.  Main aspiration of HKK is to promote Kannada Language and Culture in Kannada Loving community of Connecticut.  It aims to instill identity in the new generation of Kannadigas (Kannada Loving People) in CT.  For More information you can refer to our Article of Incorporation(

The HKK Executive Committee is comprised of 15 member families.  These HKK EC members will elect office bearers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer).  HKK EC term is for 2 years.

HKK hosts 4 annual programs (HemanthaGana, Ugadi, Annual Picnic, and Deepavali) and also organizes concerts by Artists to promote Kannada and culture in and around CT.

Responsibilities of HKK Executive Committee includes but not limited to:

·        Brainstorming & planning the HKK events.

·        Take key responsibility on the day of the event.

·        Represent HKK in other Indian community programs in & around CT.

·        Participate in charitable events in CT region

Your commitment would be approximately 60 to 80 Hours/Year.

What's in it for me (you) (WIIFM)

Provides an excellent leadership development opportunity.

Bragging rights to volunteer for a non-Profit organization, which will come handy in job interviews.

Experience in organizing big events, which will come handy when organizing your own family events.

More importantly, your association with HKK leads to greater children involvement in learning Kannada language & culture.

Last, but not least, satisfaction of doing something good for the community which is priceless!


How to send in your nominations

1.Candidates interested in serving/volunteering for the EC should send in your family nomination to with Subject "Nomination" on or before October 29th.  The candidate/family needs to be a Life or Annual member for year 2016.  Please note no nominations will be accepted on the Election Day.

1a.      If you are currently not a life or annual member, but would like to enter a nomination, then please send in your membership application with dues before submission.

2. Appointed election commissioners (Srinivas Bangalore and Keshav Kumar) will review the list of nominations & decide on election format.

3.  Election commissioner will provide an opportunity to each of the nominee to reconsider or withdraw the nomination before the election.

4.  The election commissioners will be conducting elections during the General Body Meeting.  There will be no election if we receive less than 15 nominations.

5.  Decisions made by the election commissioner will be final.

The current EC will be appointing the election commissioners soon and a subsequent email will follow announcing the same.

Let us come together to enrich Kannada language and culture in and around CT !

Sundresh Banavara

General Secretary, HKK. 

Oct 10,2016 


As you all know HKK is celebrating Deepawali on Saturday November 5, 2016

We have come up with the following guidelines to give everyone interested a fair chance to complete their program in the allotted time.


1.       Only children below 5 years of age can participate in the fancy dress.

2.     Pioneers of Kannada Koota can give one performance under Hiriyara Honalu.

3.       Both Children and Adult can present only one performance of their choice (Dance/Drama/Singing etc.) on the stage.

4.       Minimum number of participants for a group program is 4 (four).

5.       We regret to inform that solo performances cannot be accommodated due to time constraints.

Please send in your participation confirmation on or before October 28, 2016, with the following details

a)       Program name and Participants names.

b)       Would you be doing the introduction for your program (Yes/No)? 

         Please give the introduction so that MC has the material.

c)       Category of the program (Hiriyara Honalu/Dance/Drama/Singing etc.)

d)       Do you plan to provide any audio track?

e)       How long will your program run? Please be as accurate as possible, so that we can plan better. We will be in touch with you for proper planning.


          All entries have to be sent to the cultural team - along with your participation confirmation *before October 28, 2016.

         This information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the HKK executive committee.

Please RSVP to the EVITE ASAP. This will help us organize the event, food with timelines.


Swarna modi,
Oct 27, 2016, 4:45 PM