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Summer Picnic - ವನಭೋಜನ

HKK Annual Summer Picnic was held on June 21st Sat 2014 @ J.B. Williams Park, 705 Neipsic road, Glastonbury, CT 06033.
Wow Prithvi Way to Go..... GO YOU !!
Kudos to Prithvi Guddera, second son of Latha & Venu Guddera (HKK Life Members & past President of HKK), for shaving his head over the weekend for a cause! Prithvi challenged HKK members on picnic day, to raise more than $500 in order for him to shave his head for charity. In turn, HKK managed to collect more than $600 at the event, thanks in part to Yuva Hoysala activities! This money will be donated to ‘My sisters place’, (http://sistersplacect.org/) a non-profit organization dedicated to end the homelessness and domestic violence around the Hartford area. Thank you all for your donations and for supporting this great cause. Let us hear, another round of appreciation for Prithvi!!


More Photos from Deepak


Credits to Amruth, Mohan, Chandra, Deepak & Dinesh for the photos.
Thank you for attending the picnic! We had another record participation this year!! If you have photos/albums to share, please send us a link.
 June 25th 2014

Namaskara all,

What a wonderful day it was !! On the first day of summer, with a lovely weather outside, we together made HKK Annual Summer Picnic a grand success this last Sunday. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for making it all possible.


Special thanks to all our volunteers for helping in various ways to bring together such a wonderful and fun filled event for all ages.


Through the generous donation of our members and guests and through the Yuva Hoysala game arcade (Jaatre), we raised about $600 for charity. This money will be donated to ‘My sisters place’, (http://sistersplacect.org/) a non-profit organization dedicated to end the homelessness and domestic violence around the Hartford area. Thank you for your donations and for supporting this great cause.


With the continued support from our members and guests, HKK is committed to bring many more such events throughout the year…..Thank you for the help and support.


Pictures from the Picnic events are uploaded/posted into our website and Facebook page. Please visit www.hoysalakannadakoota.org  or https://www.facebook.com/CT.KannadaKoota for viewing.




June 20th 2014

HKK Annual Summer Picnic is tomorrow !!


Yuva Hoysala in HKK Picnic - Games Schedule 
  Audio Set up & 
Assiting in Registration 
Prithvi Guddera 
  Games Coordination & helping in Adults Games ( Possibly Balloon Dart) Nikhil Bhat 
Ajji Mane - Seniors Game center for Indian Indoor Games (1 pm - 3 pm) Pagade, Kavade, Carrom , Alugulimane (Mancala)  Swarna , Dinesh ,Anitha
Jathre - Ticketed Table Games 
(1pm -3 pm)
Balloon Animals   Vishakh Talanki
Ring Toss  Shreya Harshavardhana
Cotton & Marble Toss into Baskets Sidarth Masarur
Rainbow Bowling Amruth Banavara  
Nail Art , Face Painting Neha Kumar , Priya Haryadi
Water  Plunge Sachin Gowda
End of the Rainbow - Penny Toss into Golden pots Aparna Athreya
Archisha Murthy
Nishitha Kumar
Megha Rao
Varsha Irvathraya
Craft -Crape paper Flower bracelets
Paper Cup tower  & Hit ?
Aata Ota -  Non-Ticketed,  Open to all - Group Games (3pm -4 pm) Magic Carpet  Krithi Goud
Limbo Sidarth Masarur
Boat Race /Pass the Water Resham Gowda
Sack Race  Padma Iyyer
Surprise Walk  ( Mainly for Couples) Padma Iyyer
Aata BUT No Odata  : ) Also there are 3 more games organized by Anitha  to engage those  who wants to SIT  and play in pavilion 

Activities, games food and fun is waiting for you !! please join us for some summer fun - 


Menu - 


11:00 am       Coffee/Lemonade

12:00 noon    Bhel

1:00 pm         Grilled corn

1:30 pm         Uppitu/Kesaribath/ChutneyChips/Pickles

2:30 pm         Ice Cream Truck

3:30 pm         Water melon

4:30 pm         Cookies/Tea


Games - 


We hope to see you there !!



June 14th 2014



HKK Annual Summer Picnic is only a week away !!! As always, our volunteer team is tirelessly working for several weeks now to bring the best to everyone. 


Please see below few important updates: 


  1. Yuva Hoysala is presenting carnival and traditional board games this year. There will be a very nominal charge to play these games and the collection will be donated to charity/non profit organization. Please see the attached flyer for more details. 
  2. This is also the time to give back to the community - We are collecting donations this year as well to donate to any local charity/non profit organizations. Special this year: We are ​​working with one of the corporate offices in Hartford to match our contribution this year. So please donate generously, it will be doubled !! 
  3. Please wear shoes/sneakers and comfortable cloths as activities are all outside. Please bring sunscreens and bug spray as desired. 
  4. Last but not the least - if you have not responded to evite, please do so, it will help us plan better.


we hope to see you all there !




Jun 1st 2014



HKK Annual Summer Picnic is fast approaching ! As always, preparations are well underway to make this yet another fun filled event to all ages. 


We here by invite all HKK Young Adults to get involved and participate. Please see the details of the program as follows:



The Idea : What is Yuva Hoysala?

"Yuva Hoysala" is a program for  young adults to involve actively in HKK events .

This time HKK is  opening this program for all HKK young members & inviting the interested young adults to set up activity /games for kids in the Summer Picnic  2014 as a part of fun fair.


If you are interested please contact Swarna Modi at modiswarna@gmail.com or Krishna at kskrajendra@yahoo.com .

Ph # 860 214 6088 for registration with the following details  by June 7th 2014.


Game name :

Game details in brief:


Any other qns :

Agree to donate the collection for a good cause: Y/N

Age :

12 years & Above. 10 & above kids can join to help the team.

Description :

Interested Young /Yuva Volunteers can set up activity/games like in the fun fair for kids (Adults also welcome to play) like Ring toss, Paper cup tall tower building , Table bowling ,Nair Art, Tattoos , Mehandi etc., creative fun games are welcome.

Rules :             1

Yuva Volunteers will be  responsible to bring  all the game things, set up and clean up.


Every Volunteer will be given a Name Tag with Hoysala Logo to wear all through the event.


Description of your Activity/game should be submitted at the time of registration  & Adult guide will go through and provide you the Table # & Time Slot with any suggestions required.


Kids/People at the Picnic will come and see your activity/game table , give their Game Ticket bought by Ticket Master :) and play.


Individual contribution or can work in mini teams. Teams are responsible to make all their preparations, be prepare to demonstrate, explain , make posters, decorate your table : ) what not to make your activity / game successful .


On the event day teams can help each other to be more productive and helpful overall.


At the end of the “Fun Fair “  all collections from Game Tickets sales will be donated for fund raising. ( excluding your expenses).




Hope to see you all there !


May 25th 2014



The weather is finally warm and the summer time has started !!! This also means it is time for HKK Annual Picnic. Preparations are underway to bring yet another fun filled event. Please join us, let us celebrate the summer with games, tasty foods and much more !!


HKK Annual Picnic

Date: Saturday, June 21, 2014, starting at 11.30.

Place: J.B. William Park, 705 Neipsic Road, Glastonbury CT 06033


Please see the attached flyer for additional details....we hope to see you there !