What does the future hold?

Who knows?

Big surprise here :/

I am still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I change my mind all the time. Right now, and for a while, it's been a toss up between becoming a teacher or a paralegal. I need to decide! And get my ass back into school somehow. I really feel the pull to teach, but the paralegal thing is a 2 year deal. A BA is a long way off, and I cannot go to school full time. But the paralegal thing was to ultimately decie whether I wanted to go to law school or not, but I think I know that the answer is not. I'd probably more enjoy being a paralegal than a practicing lawyer. Lab monkey kinda also sounds fun, so I'm learning more about that program, too.

I had decided last time I was in school to go for Anthropology, and while I love it, especially socio-linguistics, it is wholly impractical. With only a BA in that, I would land a fabulous and exotic job at the local bookstore. That is a very competitive field, and I am just not that committed. I admire those who have gone the distance because of a love of their field, gone through the painstaking competition to get into grad school or doctorate programs, gone through hell to write a thesis, and come out on the other side in a hole of debt the size of Kola well to settle in to their $25k jobs. I don't love it that much. I wish I did. I wish I could find that one thing that I can say that I love like that, that I want to commit my life's work to, but thus far, I haven't found any such thing. I suspect that there is not any such thing out there for me. I need to win a LOT of money. So I can go to school for everything, forever. That would be what would make me happiest.

I think I would very much enjoy teaching, though. I've always thought that, except the last few years, but I'm less misanthropic now. I spent the last few years thinking it did not sound like something I would like, because I hate authority in general, then there's the bullshit red tape and the pain in the ass parents, and knowing that those "Stand and Deliver" moments don't often happen in real life. But I am now back to my original line of thinking. I think middle school science would be great.

I am also learning French. I have been learning French my whole life off and on, and I have a knack for it, but my exposure isn't constant, so it's almost like starting over alot. So maybe I could at least still get a minor in that. Learning the language is important to me as it's part of my heritage and culture, and I am pretty good at picking it up. I just wish I were exposed to it more often. And not such a bum as to put it down for 6 months at a time. I've thought about teaching French, as well, if I minor in it.

Things I want to make time for

My personal goals are as follows:

Short Term

  • Learn temari
  • Take up a martial art as soon as we are able to go onto a day shift
  • Get up to being able to job 2 miles in the next 3 months
  • Get into crafting and creating again in general 
  • Get in 15 minutes a day o f yoga in addition to all other exercisr
  • Loose another 25 pounds by June 10th
  • Pick up my French again, get caught up, and move forward