My love of food and things related

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I'm also a food geek. The term foodie can be used as well, though I think geek is more appropriate for me. Alton Brown should be revered as a superior being. I love cookbooks, I also love cooking and baking science and books about those things. I love cooking and baking gadgets, and I covet a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and more specifically, Alton Brown's Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

I also covet a good knife, as a single good knife is all that is really necessary for my current needs. I specifically covet the Alton's Angles Shun Santuko

I love food blogs, my favorite being The Food Whore's blog, because she's really funny and we're eerily alike in some ways. Maybe that's why I find her so amusing. It's not really about food itself, but about the industry of food service, running a restaurant and catering. It reminds me every time that I read why I probably would not actually enjoy the catering business no matter how much I think that I would sometimes.

I do love to bake. I really want to get serious about cakes and cake decorating and pastry and desserts. I have considered going to school for pastry on more than one occasion. I do plan to at least take some classes at HCC, though I probably wouldn't do a pastry program. as I just don't think I have that much love for it. But I think I would like to run a business on the side of doing birthday cakes and other special occasion cakes.