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International Experiences

In the summer of 2007, Casey went on a cruise with his family that took place on the Mediterranean Sea. This eight-day long cruise started at the port of Civitavecchia, Italy and then continued around the sea, stopping at five locations: Genoa, Italy; Monte Carlo; Valencia, Spain; Tunis, Tunisia; and Malta.  When returning to Italy, he then spent a night in Rome and saw much of the history there. This was truly a great experience for him.

He studied abroad the summer of 2011 in Florence, Italy. After receiving the Jack McCorkle Memorial Scholarship, Casey was motivated and funded to go overseas on a study abroad program. This resulted in an amazing experience for him. In Florence, Casey attended a Italian cinematic art class as well as a Italian cooking class. In these classes, he witnessed some classic Italian films such as La Strada and 81/2, as well as  cooking such classic dishes such as gnocchi and calamari. He also traveled across Europe to places such as Venice, Rome, Pisa, and Paris. He learned an exuberant amount about Italian culture and tradition.