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Mike Maguire rail-rides in the first Australian Windsurfer One Design nationals, in July 1977. This pic was the symbol for the last national titles, which marked  30 years of Windsurfer nationals - the world record for any windsurfer class.



The WINDSURFER ONE DESIGN is the updated version of the original Windsurfer - the board that started it all, and still one of the strongest classes in Australia. The beloved "Wally" is tough, it's cheap, it can be sailed in anything from gales to calms, and it's one design. It's suitable for everything from laid-back no hassle cruising, to racing against Olympians. 

In 2006, boardmakers from France and Thailand have taken a new look at the sport and come up with their versions of the original Windsurfer One Design. Long and simple is back in style and imitations are here, but we have the real thing!


The One Design is the ideal board for laid-back fun at the beach, in light winds and strong. Forget waiting for ideal conditions - there's always enough wind for a Windsurfer One Design. Rigging takes just minutes, and the board is almost indestructible.



Remember how much fun you had windsurfing? It's time to show your kids the magic with the Junior version of the Windsurfer One Design - official

junior board of the Australian Windsurfing Association.

The "Junior One" is simply the One Design with a smaller sail.

It's  tough, simple and cheap - perfect for simple fun, laid-back light wind cruising, easy training or close racing. The 3.5m and 4.5m sails from Barracouta Sails are simple, tough and cheap, and they make learning a breeze compared to the old sails. They don't have monofilm to tear or battens to break, but they do have the handling and power you need to sail in light winds as well as strong stuff.   

As the kids get better, they can hone their skills or just have  more fun with their friends, by joining the Junior One racing class. Aimed straight at the under-16s, the Junior One uses the 3.5 and 4.5m sails to keep sailing close, fun and tactical.  As your teen starts looking for more challenge, they can move up to the big rig in light winds and race against former Olympic team members. But most important, the One is just right for simply messing about on boards. And with secondhand boards starting from under $300 and complete new boards for just $1590, it's the cheapest way to get your kids afloat.


The One Design is the ideal board for close, ch

eap tactical racing. It's the Laser of the windsurfers- the board that champions from 420s, skiffs and Lasers choose to race. On a Windsurfer, you measure your sailing by your skill - not by your wallet. 

The One Design offers more variety than any other sailing class. There's course racing to test your speed and tactics, marathons to stretch your strength and strategy, the grace and athleticism of freestyle, and the intensity of slalom.

There's a full range of experience, from Olympians, through to less experienced "Silver Fleet" racers and beginners. With weight, age and gender divisions, everyone has an equal chance.

The main Windsurfer One Design fleets are found in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia but there are also One Design sailors in Queensland, the Northern Territory, the ACT, and Western Australia.



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