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 A message from the cardiologists at ACS

The 64-slice CT scanner, with its marked improvement in both temporal and spatial resolution, has made the imaging of the coronary arteries with only intravenous contrast a clinical reality. The ability to detect and image coronary artery disease in its earliest phases promises to revolutionize our management of these patients.

As with all new diagnostic modalities, the most appropriate use of such technology remains to be determined, not only for primary care doctors but for cardiologists as well. CT heart scans have already received considerable publicity in both broadcast and print media, and many patients have begun to question whether or not they are appropriate candidates for the test.

Since CT angiography entails the injection of a substantial volume of intravenous contrast dye and subjects the patient to a significant dose of radiation, it should not be performed on everyone, especially the merely curious.

 The purpose of this site is to educate both physicians and patients about these tests. The section for patients describes the tests in terms a layman can understand. This section, for physicians, will cover details about test methodology and image interpretation, important clinical studies,  algorithms for clinical referral, illustrative cases,  and  information about insurance coverage.

The sidebar at the right provides linkages to all these topics and to additional information available on the web.

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