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        Scheduling a CT heart scan


Please do this

If you have not already done so, please review the link "What it is like to have a CT heart scan"  before proceeding further.



We ask that you fill out a brief medical questionnaire before having a scan to be certain that the test is appropriate and that you do not have medical contraindications.

We also ask that you sign a consent form prior to the procedure. Reading the patient sections of this website should answer most of you questions.

Instructions for the day of the test are relatively simple. 

All of these forms can be downloaded from the links below:

                   Medical questionnaire

                   Consent form

                    Patient instructions

If you feel comfortable in filling out these forms, please do so and fax the questionnaire and consent form to us at 650-965-4234. If you have additional questions before signing them, just bring them with you at the time of the test.


Test of kidney function

We need to be certain that your kidney function is normal before this test, and we require you to have had a serum creatinine within the preceding three months.  Your primary care doctor or cardiologist may already have this information or will know how to schedule it. If necessary, we can refer you to an appropriate laboratory and give you the necessary order form.



Your primary care doctor or cardiologist may give you a prescription for a beta-blocker, usually 2 pills, to take the evening before and 2 hours prior to your test. This is to be sure that your heart rate is sufficiently slow for us to get the best possible pictures. 

If you do not have a referring physician or if your doctor is uncomfortable prescribing such medications, we will give you the medicine when you come for the test. In such situations, however, we will have you come 1.5 hours ahead of the test so that we can check your heart rate beforehand and have you sit in our lobby for at least an hour after administering the medication before proceeding with the test.


 Scheduling your test

Please call our main number, 650-969-8600, and ask for the Non-Invasive Laboratory. The secretary will review all of your information, especially your kidney function test, and arrange to schedule your test.



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